10 thoughts on “Cora injured ….

  1. 2. lol! Wishful thinking Scott. Seems hardly possible that his contract could be nullified from playing ball. Now if you could convince the courts he was water skiing or something like that, you’d have a much better shot!

  2. 4) JD
    Would still be interested to know more details about the injury and how serious it is.
    If I were the Mets I would send someone down to investigate.
    I know Cora is good guy but it is possible he did something off the field that could have partially caused this injury.

    The Mets will not do this but it should be done.

    I still remember the time Jeff Kent said he got hurt washing his truck. We all know that was not the truth.

  3. Heard an interview with Cora where he sumamrized the mets as we need pitching and D. Is Omar listening?

    We should look at Wang. I know he has not been good lately, but he is young and if he is not injured can juice the rotation.

  4. Maybe the Mets should change their uniforms to the red ones the soon-to-be-killed members of a Star Trek landing party wore.

  5. dave (7): Agreed. With pitching and defense you always have a chance to win. There are countless examples of teams loaded with power that don’t win.-JD