Another look at Bay ….

BAY: Is he the right fit?

BAY: Is he the right fit?

The offer is out there, four years at $65-million, which I don’t believe is enough to bring Jason Bay to the Mets. I may have overestimated in an earlier post on Bay’s asking value, but hold fast the Mets’ initial offer won’t get it done.

Before jumping on the Bay Bandwagon, let’s kick the tires a bit and look at some of the reasons to be cautious with him.

* He’s a dead pull hitter, which everybody is saying fits the style for Citi Field. That said, don’t you think pitchers know that and will give him nothing but breaking stuff over the plate? I can envision another David Wright dropoff.

* What does it say to you that the team that knows him best prefers Matt Holliday and is holding firm at four years, $60 million. Posturing? Perhaps. But, it must be considered.

* At 31, he’ll be 35 at the end of a presumably back-loaded contract. If the Mets make it five years, he’ll be 36. There are reports in Boston the Red Sox would have to move Bay to the DH slot at the end of his contract for concern of him being a defensive liability.

* Bay is a strikeout machine, fanning 162 times last season and not less that 129 in his career.

4 thoughts on “Another look at Bay ….

  1. Home run hitters tend to strike out. Ryan Howard whiffs 200 times a year and I dont see any complaints from the Phillies. How about your buddy Dunn?
    Its clear that Holliday is the better all around player, but Boras wants an 8 year deal. There is always one team ready to do something that stupid and Boras has the patience to wait for that team to appear. So going after Bay looks like the way to go at this time. Jason had 15 OF assists and no errors, so he is not a butcher out there. I like our lineup with Bay and Molina in there.

  2. Agree about these points Delcos:

    You overstated what you thought it would take to get him but I’m sure you’re right the original bid isn’t enough.

    You are right to be concerned about a contract that could be too long. However, as I said elsewhere on your site, nobody really knows when the slide will begin. However, the Red Sox did get it right with Pedro’s arm but they certainly didn’t read the slide of Ortiz or Lowell at all correctly. So are they hesitant because they are smart or because they are gun shy after Ortiz/Lowell?? We’ll never know.
    Points I disagree with.
    1. Strike out machine. I’ll take the strike out machine who plays first for the Philies any day any night. I’d rather the whiff than the Double play.
    2. Pitching him away. Don’t you think the AL pitchers pitched him away to keep him away from the green monster? There aren’t enough very good pitchers around to think he won’t be able to pull all the mediocre pitchers in the big leagues.

  3. They could incrementally up the $ without the length. If Boston aint bidding we will have him.

    On Ortiz/Lowell, how much does the roids play into this? Presumably Ortiz only became a machine after getting on the bandwagon. The other guy is just old and probably off the juice.

    Stay away from Boras. We have too many things to do to play with a high school tease.

  4. I am still for Bay at around the contract we offered, if it goes to 5 without dropping some money then I am not interested, and if the money goes up much farther than the current 16 mil than I am not interested either. I don’t think Omar will move all that much from this current offer except maybe to add an option for a fifth year and maybe even make it vesting on like full year of plate appearances/games the prior year.