Francoeur news upsetting ….

Reportedly, the procedure on Jeff Francoeur’s left thumb was more complicated than originally thought, caused because he played with the injury instead of shutting it down. With the season over from a competitive standpoint, there was no reason to keep pushing the envelope with Francoeur. He’s supposedly will be ready for spring training, but what if he weren’t? The risk wasn’t worth it.

These guys are investments, and you don’t take unnecessary risks. It wasn’t as if the Mets had a World Series to win. At the time, they couldn’t have even finished at .500.

11 thoughts on “Francoeur news upsetting ….

  1. 2. Chiti. Of course you are the one who brought this up in the first place, Mr. niceguy.

  2. Ah!!! You know we have to beat on Delcos while we can. He may get a job offer covering a team like Kansas City and then we’ll only be able to pity him for having nothing to write about!

  3. 7. No job in KC??? Well, it wouldn’t be more fun to blog about Jason Kendall, would it?

  4. Harry (9): Nope …. more intrigue with the Mets. Still trying to stay in the NY market. A few irons in the fire. I’ll keep you guys posted.-JD