Mets make offer to Bay …. why bother?

Well, you can’t say the Mets didn’t make an offer to one of the Big Three. They are in at a $65 million over four years for Jason Bay. Considering the initial Red Sox offer was for $60 million and he’s reportedly asking for $80 million indicates the Mets are in an auction they have no chance of winning.

The Mets will need to up their offer by at least 50 percent to be a serious contender for Bay.

17 thoughts on “Mets make offer to Bay …. why bother?

  1. I don’t follow your reasoning Delcos. Their bid was 5 mil higher than the Red Sox’ initial bid. How do you know the Red Sox will go up by over 50%? Epstein seems to follow a patttern of reaching his max and then saying that’s it. He refused to go higher with Texeira when he said he reached his limit. So you think he tried to undercut Bay by over 30 million bucks? And if he’s asking for 80 million why would you have to offer him over 90 million to get him? Dp you think the Mariners are going to bid big time to get their neighbor from BC?

  2. If the Mets add a year that should clinch it. five for eighty or so. Maybe they will try to backload it to save some flexibility to add a pitcher or two.

  3. I agree with Harry. They put an offer out. Glad they are not bidding against boras and wasting their time.

  4. Delcos, How can you ask such a question? How could Omar not offer a big contract to one of the big three? You are a reporter. You know that the the writers in NY are already flaming the organization for not being active enough. Before you were right there saying the mets were doing nothing. Well now they are doing something. Your premise is stupid as the Mets have shown they are willing to spend the money. You need to show that you are smarter than the average poster here if you wish to keep any respect among the four of us who post here regularly. terrible.

  5. Where is Steve Reed?

    To me this smells like an “appease the fans by making a high bid that you know he won’t accept”. Assuming Epstein doesn’t yank his bid off the table like he did to Garciaparra years ago, why would Bay accept the Mets? A few “measly million” to miss the playoffs?

  6. With the economy the way it is, these players should count themselves lucky they can get 10 million across X years. Let alone 80.
    Anyone remember Mussina? Mets made a very viable offer, he went to the Yanks to get a ring. For a player to go to the mets we either need to pay through the nose, or they want to play for the team.
    If a person wants a ring they wont see the mets as viable.
    All this arbitration and the amount of money makes me sick at times. I struggle to pay my bills then i hear them bellyaching over 5 million dollars when they are offered 65. then during play they whine and cry. something needs to change.

  7. I don’t see anyone paying him 90 million dollars, my goodness that would make him one of the top 7 paid players in baseball.

    The Red Sox offer was reported to be “just under” 60 million for 4 years, our initial offer was 5 million or so more than that. That is a “Why Bother” offer?

    If Bay gets some idiot like the Mariners to throw 90 million at him then great for him enjoy the rain. But to say that this is a wasted offer is beyond me.

    I could also see Omar saying to Bay that he can take a bit less per year and get 5 years out of it or a joint option for a 5th year as well, but to say this is a wasted offer doesn’t make any sense. If this is “50%” less than what Bay makes than other GMs are really itching to be idiots.

  8. Sadecki (4): I’m glad he offered a contract to Bay. I just don’t believe the dollars quoted will be good enough to get it done. If that makes me stupid, it makes me stupid. What do you want to bet that $65 million will land Bay?-JD

  9. (8) JD: What did you want Omar to offer Bay? 80 million over 4 years? 70 mil over 4? What would have made you happy? Do you think Bay is worth much more than what the Mets offered anyway? He is a nice complimentary player, he’s NOT a 20 million per year guy.

  10. (5)Dan: That really hasn’t been the case with Omar though. With the exception of Lowe last year, i’m pretty sure whoever he has targeted since he’s been GM, he has gotten. Of course you can argue that he has targeted the wrong players, but that’s another story.

  11. #10, exactly, I mean there have been a few more players like Lowe (Delgado for example), but for the most part Omar has gotten the player when he goes all out for them. And in the few cases he didn’t like with Lowe last year it has been because he walked away when he felt the numbers got out of hand. If he does that with Bay this year, I am okay with that.

  12. 8. Delcos, you are not alone. it looks like every writer in NYC is blasting the mets today. First they get knocked for not doing anything then when they do something they get flamed. I have issues with mets management too, as all who come here know, but it looks like you reporters just want to praise the yanks and kick the mets every chance you get.

  13. Here is a thought. What if the mets still really want Holliday but he wont move until Bay is signed. By giving bay an offer he could refuse, it will prompt the red sox and other teams to move on bay. Then serious negotiations for Holliday can begin.

  14. 12. Agree, the press has become over the top on Omar bashing. They don’t even look at how good or bad a move is before bashing. They need to take a clue form Chiti. There are plenty of bad moves to blast Omar on but all of them aren’t bad moves because they come from him. Omar did a good job here. Bid over the BoSox to force their hand. For all we know the Sox don’t even want him for more than the original offer. Didn’t bite on the begging from Boras as his client hasn’t developed a market at all yet. I don’t even think there is a legitimate gripe against Omar if the issue becomes years and he doesn’t want to give the guy 5 or 6 years. He is no spring chicken after all.
    If he offered Molina a 3 year deal, then all should bury him for that, but this offer was good and showed he was trying to fill a big need with the best power bat available.

  15. And Harry, you should also be happy that Molina seems to have only got 1 year + an option in his offer, so Omar seems to be sticking to his guns there.

    Although there was a bit of panic about it being a 2 + vesting option, but now it looks more like 1 + vesting option.

  16. 15. Hubbach in the Post is saying today, the Mets offered two years with a vesting option for a third year. If true, this will be the next horrible contract made by Omar.

  17. #16, I have to agree with that, if it is 2 years + vesting unless the vesting option is crazy to obtain it would be a bad deal. Guess we will have to wait and see…