Laying the groundwork ….

The Mets are expected to offer catcher Bengie Molina a contract before the winter meetings break up this afternoon. If so, they obviously won’t get a response today. Just because the Mets will leave Indianapolis without making a splash it doesn’t mean they won’t get something done.

Omar Minaya said the Mets are talking and laying the groundwork for the future. It’s usually like this during the winter meetings. Not too often does the blockbuster happen during the meetings as it usually is an information gathering process. For free agents, there’s usually the obligatory visit to the new city and stadium to be wined and dined.

Minaya said the Mets would be “players,” but he didn’t say big players and there’s a difference.

17 thoughts on “Laying the groundwork ….

  1. I am assuming we will have the same team we have had for the past 2 years.

    Thanks Omar. You are a genius!

  2. Heyman says the Mets will get Holliday. I hope he is right. Boras is calling out the Mets so they can set the bar to bid against. Like Delcos said, Its early. They will make offers to 2 players today, one being molina. I bet the other will be Holliday.

  3. 3, If Omar doesnt do something significant soon, the noise coming from mets fans will become deafening.

  4. No way the other is Holliday IMO, and I hope the Mets dont let Boras drag them into a big bidding war for him. If he falls to a reasonable price dive in, but if someone is going to pay him 100 mil then let him go.

    And if he makes a deal just for doing something significant we will be paying for it for years.

  5. #1, two years ago we brought in TBPIB and last year we revamped our bullpen. We didn’t do enough last year (although if we had the injuries anyway it wouldn’t have mattered), but to say we have had the same team after each of those off-seasons is inaccurate. There are only a handful of teams that can claim anywhere near as much offseason changes each year, the fact that we didn’t spend half a billion dollars last year doesn’t mean they didn’t change anything.

  6. Far as I’m concerned, the Mets are the big winners in the Winter Meetings.
    Signing first-baseman Mike Hessman to a Minor League deal was a coup that’ll be the envy of every other MLB general manager!!! How Omar Minaya fought off all the other GMs and secured Hessman’s invaluable services is a testament to his genius. Hessman’s signing alone will inspire a spike in season ticket sales! He’ll be the new face of the franchise.
    Watch out Yankees!
    With Hessman, Henry Blanco, Alex Cora and Chris Coste leading the charge, we’re snatching back the trophy in 2010!

  7. Instead of being big players they’re going after big players. After Molina they’re going after Dmitri Young.

  8. Francesa is saying that the two Mets offers today are Molina and Bay and that they will be very competitive offers…

    I hope the Bay offer isn’t insane, he is a good LF and I would like to see him as a Met, but he is not a top 15 guy and shouldn’t be paid like one.

  9. Bengie Molina had .285 on base % last year. He’s 35yrs old. He’s NOT a good player!!!! Why can’t Omar tell good players from NOT good players. All this BS about handling pitchers is way overrated too. Look at the Mets w/ Schneider catching. Did their pitchers really pitch any better? No. And Schneider was supposed to be great at handling pitchers. And so what if he neutralizes the running game. Did you really watch last year and think that if only we could neutralize the running game more we’d win? Of course not. Its a minor thing. Why the focus on Molina? Its ridiculous. Offer him no more than $2.5million/yr and no more than 2 yrs. $6million/yr for 2? Are you kidding? ARE YOU KIDDING? WHY? Save it and let Thole develop.

  10. 11. Cant’ argue your Molina critique except I think more than one year at any salary is a mistake.

  11. I disagree about saying Molina is not a good player. If we do give Molina 6 mil for 2 years it would put him around the 160th-180th salary in baseball. Molina is good for high teens hrs decent RBI and can easily hit closer to 280 if he isn’t batting 4th for a team with absolutely no protection around him. For a catcher with a + defense that is a fairly valuable commodity.

    I agree with Harry about the 2 years because of Mauer, but Mauer aside 2 years for Molina is fine and I think we could manage to move Molina if we had too especially if he is making 5.5 mil or something. (And having to trade Molina to free up room for Mauer is fine by me :)

  12. 7 Steve, I saw it on metsblog. I think it was something he said on francessas show yesterday. Now we know that they made an offer to Bay. The way mets fans are frothing maybe its better. Boras will hold out to just before spring training and we dont have the patience for that.

  13. Is molina worth 12 mil over 2?

    what is 6 million buying you. this smacks of another ollie/castillo deal to me.

    i dont know molina, but the guy is old and he is a catcher.

  14. #6

    when have i ever said the mets need to spend stupid money like the yanks.

    what i have said, repeatedly, is we have not done enough the past 3 years.

    last year was our year to right the wrongs of the previous two and omar went home after getting his pen.

    our biggest issue for the past oh 4/5 years has been the rotation. i am still waiting. you dont even have to go top tier. but we need multiple pitchers who can last a season and get 10 wins. how many do we have? and yes, 10 is not good but we cant even do that.

  15. #15, I would prefer more like 5 per year, but Molina is a pretty good player so he is worth some money. I would have been okay with Castillo deal if it was 2 years as well (not happy but not as shocked and upset).

    It is hard to find a good defensive catcher that can hit 18 or so HRs and knock in 80 rbi. Is he a “great” player? No, but he can be a difference in some games and will help the team.