Reports out of Boston has the Mets interested in Jason Bay. Why wouldn’t they be? However, interest and willingness are two different things. Omar Minaya said they are in contact with agents and general managers.

This would include the agent for Bay.

Because Bay would be the cheapest of the Big Three – John Lackey and Matt Holliday – he would be a more probable signing. Even so, the reported numbers are still steep at $!6 million a season for five years. That’s an $80 million chunk of change, and my impression is if the Mets spent that kind of money they’ll spread it over several areas.

Bay is a good player, but not that good.

12 thoughts on “Baywatch?

  1. With the starting offer Boston set the bar at with Bay of 4×60 I don’t see Bay making much sense. I like the idea of bringing him in, but if he is going to get 80-90 that just doesn’t make any sense. And if he does get 80 Holliday will make just as little sense because he isn’t worth 20 mil a year.

  2. 1. If your thought process is money then what ballplayer is worth what they are paid? If the Mets aren’t getting season tickets renewed as they hope then what is the value of signing a guy who gets the tickets renewed. This is the kind of stuff that nobody but management knows.

    Money aside. I like the idea of Bay. He has power. He has played in Boston so we know he can handle New York. Holliday has only 2 months of great numbers outside of Colorado and he has never played in a pressure cooker city in the East. Bidding against the Red Sox is actually good because they don’t have the rep of over bidding. They will go elsewhwere rather than pay over their limit. You don’t have Scott Boras to drag you around for two months while you don’t fill your needs.

  3. Well a ballplayer is worth what they are paid based on the value of the other players on the market. If he is already turning down 15 mil a year and is expecting 17-18 I just don’t think he is worth that deal because other players can be had for less and that will limit our spending overall. I mean it isn’t our money and we get used to all these gigantic numbers, but if Bay gets 17 mil he will be in the top 20 baseball player salaries in all of baseball (based on 09 salaries), you really think he is a top 20 baseball player? I don’t.

    He hit 267 last year with 162k. Yes he has a lot of walks, good power and a good OBP, but top 20 player in all of baseball? I just don’t see it.

    Now if he is at 12-14 then I can see it, but since the starting salvo was 15 mil I can’t see that happening unless the Red Sox get Halliday and then the market falls apart for Bay.

  4. Don’t get me wrong though, I would not be unhappy about getting Bay this off-season, and in the end I really don’t care about salary, but I do think the numbers getting tossed around for this year’s “big three” are crazy based on their real value. They all have question marks, they all have holes in their game and they all seem to want to be in the top 10 salaries in baseball.

  5. 4. If Randy Wolf if worth 10mil for 3 years, Bay is worth 4yrs 65 IMO. 120 RBI guys dont come around that often.

  6. It would be nice to get Bay. He should be handle NY and can solve one of our OF issues.

    If we land him we need to move on to pitching.

    We need whatever we have in the minors for the team. We can’t afford to trade.

  7. If we base our money off of other peoples bad offers than we will really blow our budget :)

    I don’t agree that we can’t afford to trade, if we can get a player that will be a significant part of this team for 3-5 years the players can be moved.

  8. According to Gammons and Heyman the Sox will not raise thier offer to Bay. Maybe we will get an early present from Omar after all.

  9. 9. On a contrarian note to their theories, Delcos’ ex-co-worker Peter Abraham, is predicitng Bay stays in New England.
    Apparently Bay wants more years, which I understand because his next contract will be for less because he will be sliding. The question nobody can answer is when that slide starts. The Mets have a bad track record on length, but the Red Sox have made some bad calls also, especially Lowell and Ortiz… However, they got guys like Pedro dead on and let him go rather than adding years. So do you add years to get Bay or do you stick with 4 and if you lose join the Boras circus? He’s only a year younger I think, and Boras is going to push for more than 5 years for Holliday. Earn your pay Omar. Of course you’ll probably be fired before we ind out if the end results of whatever happens prove you right or wrong?

  10. That is part of why I am worried about Halliday and don’t really want him. 7 years for him would be crazy, especially at the numbers Boras will try to get for him.

    Honestly, if Bay ends up at 5 years 90 million and Holliday ends up over 100 mil I would be happiest of Omar walked away from the table. He probably won’t be very happy as the NY Media will froth the fans into a frenzy that will bring him down before ST is out, but I would be happy that he didn’t trash any future for the Mets to save his job :)

    Of course, who knows maybe he ends up balking at both those contracts but ends up trading for Halladay and Adam Lind from the Jays out of no where and he keeps his job and makes me happy.

  11. 11. We are coming close to agreeing on things James!! That might be a bad thing. LoL.. I haven’t been in favor of a Halladay deal, strictly because of the age thing. If we’re concerned about an aging left fielder we should be more concerned about an aging pitcher with a 6 year deal.