Hi folks ….

I had to make an executive decision today and it took me away from the Internet all day. My plan was to spend most of the morning in the press room blogging, then catch an afternoon flight out. However, I had to follow up a job lead early around breakfast, then when I learned the weather in Indy was going to turn rotten I bolted for the airport to beat the snow out of town.

When I was working I would have just stayed and not worried about it, but this was my dime and I didn’t want to have to spend another night at Indy and the additional expense. Purely, an economic decision. I thought I could blog from the airport, but that didn’t work out either.

Any way, I just got home. I wanted to say hello, sorry and I did have some good leads. Maybe something will pan out. Talk with you tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Hi folks ….

  1. Agree with dave…. and you didn’t miss anything. Looks like only team that improved this week was the Yankees.

  2. Your life and livelihood take precedence, JD, so don’t worry about any apology.
    We’re ALL rooting for you to get the opportunity you richly deserve.

    “KNIFE & TWIST: Jeff Francoeur’s surgery to repair a torn ligament in his left thumb turned out to be more complex than originally expected, although the outfielder still expects to be ready for spring training. Because Francoeur played with the injury for the final month of the season, the thumb ligament wore down and shriveled, necessitating a transplant from his wrist.” Good job. Aren’t you all glad the Mets saw no reason to stop playing him in all those pennant race games last Aug-Sep.

  4. Seriously, how incompetent are the doctors we pay to work for this team. I can’t really blame the managers for this because they can only go with what the doctors tell them, but you got to be friggen kidding me with the comedy of errors on the medical front this past year.

  5. How about Millwood for Ray, looks like a smart move for the O’s although I can’t imagine it will mean much in the long run.

  6. Looks like the Braves dumped Soriano anyway, so they are going with just Saito/Wagner in the pen next year.

  7. 6. The O’s wanted a vet to pitch a lot of innings and help their young staff develop. I think they met their goal.
    7. The Soriano deal just shows what a farce the type A thing is. The Braves however, should have been more patient before they signed their aged bullpen. Then they would have had options.
    I see the Yanks are even turning the Rule 5 draft intoa joke. They’re gonna have the Nats picka Yankee who will then be sent to the Yankees as player to be namedfor Bruney so nobody can take him from the Yanks. So they gave Bruney to Nats for free in effect.

  8. Take back the Yankee story. They took a different guy.
    Mets took a guy and sold him to Dodgers??? What a Pittsburgh Pirate/Kansas City Royal maneuver.

  9. #8, how does that work exactly, doesn’t that mean that the Yankees then have to keep him on the ML roster since he is a rule 5 pick? I guess not because they could just “pay” themselves 25k to put him back in their organization. Odd

  10. 12. got it. thanks for the long url. Its frustrating beyond belief. How do these people keep thier jobs?