Minaya: Warns of trading depth ….

Omar Minaya insists the Mets have the chips to make a trade – but barely.

SANTANA: No blockbusters like him on the horizon.

SANTANA: No blockbusters like him on the horizon.

Citing the amount of players given up in the Carlos Delgado and Johan Santana deals, Minaya said: “You have to be careful that you don’t continue to go into the farm system … You don’t always want to trade your prospects to fill your major league needs.”

Minaya insists the Mets aren’t opposed to making a deal, but will be cautious. There probably won’t be deals like Santana where they deal four or five prospects for one major league commodity.

Translated, if the Mets are to make a splash, it would likely be in the FA market. But, considering their desire to keep their spending down, it would be a middle-tier splash as they will not spend to get John Lackey, Jason Bay or Matt Holliday.

Minaya said it isn’t just the Mets, but other teams, because of the need to build payroll flexibility by building from within, teams overall prefer to hold their cards.

“People value their prospects more,” Minaya said. “As time goes by in the game, I’ve noticed more value of a player that has zero to three that can perform than in past years. You value those guys that can perform.”

The key, remember, is guys who can perform.

2 thoughts on “Minaya: Warns of trading depth ….

  1. i am ok with getting 2 middle level pitchers.

    they should try and get an OF who can hit.

    I am ok waiting for Ike, if that is what they want. Dont wait for Fmart as who knows if he will show up.

    if he does then we have the nice problem of making room for him.

  2. we have no farm system.

    havent had one in years.

    we pulled murphy from aa because there was no one in AAA. and he was an IF not an OF.

    parnell was rushed because we needed pitching. he only has a fastball. pelf only has a fastball and doesnt trust anything else.

    omar is talking about depleting the minors?