Minaya holds court ….

Omar Minaya just finished with us. Among the highlights. Or lowlights, as the case might be:

* Said the Mets’ needs for a starter and catcher are more likely to be filled via free agency than the trade market.

* Despite rumors of Randy Wolf being close to a deal, Minaya said it was his understanding the lefty “is still on the board.”

* Said nothing has changed since yesterday and the team isn’t close to making a move. Today was spent exchanging information. “Nothing is close,” he said.

* For the most part believes the pitchers are on the high side in terms of the years they are asking. That includes Wolf wanting three years.

* To the news Ryan Church was designated for assignment by Atlanta, meaning the Mets won that deal. “I haven’t had many W’s lately. I’ll take it,” he said.

20 thoughts on “Minaya holds court ….

  1. Ryan Church. What a shame. We will never know how much the concussion and the mismanagement of it damaged his career.

  2. I liked Ryan. Good defensive outfielder. good fundamentals. played hard. for a short time had some pop.

    then the mets screwed him up. Like Ray says above. We will never know.

  3. Read Sherman’s article in the Post. If it is only half true it still demonstrates clearly that this is an organization in total chaos. He basically is saying they don’t know what they want to do about pitching. Go big time, go 2nd tier. They are in the Winter meetings and they can’t even make their minds up about what is their plan A and what is their fallback. I can’t even blame Omar anymore. Its obvious that there are too many people in on the planning and he’s not in charge of it. Nobody is in charge of planning. That is the fault of ownership.

  4. #3

    If you are right about the basics then this is Omar’s issue. He is the GM. The buck stops there so to speak.

    I read the article. To me it sounds as if the issue is money. Prices are up and it is a cost/benefit issue of going in on the best pitcher on the market $$/yrs vs less of the same for lesser quality.

    This is a fluid issue. I don’t have too much of a problem with it although again it means the main man Omar did not do his contingency planning.

    Contingency planning is non existant under this administration.

    It is like going to war with a lieutenant who says charge that hill. Then you charge and you find out there are people there and they are shooting. Your lieutenant is standing there with the bullets flying saying hmm. should we continue up the hill? fall back? call for reinforcements? where are we?

    This is our GM. Clueless without a plan.

  5. One of the biggest problems IMO, is that this is a very weak free agent class. Holliday is probably the best hitter, but is he worth the 18 to 20 mil per year that he is going to get? Lackey is the best pitcher, but is he a 17 million per year pitcher for 5 years? The rest of the market is dreck. I’ll say it another time…2011 is theee season to look forward to.

  6. Omar thought the strategy this year was to wait for the market to come to him. That there would be plenty of bargains if he just waited. It doesnt look like its going to be that way this year. Owners are giving 3 year deals to mid level pitchers and 2 year contracts to nearly 40 year old catchers.

  7. It looks like another key piece of Omars strategy was to trade Castillo and sign Hudson. It looks like that is finally dead. I think Omar really wants Delgado back at first next year. Since Castillo and Delgado both have no range, he needs a second baseman who can make up for Delgado who will be even more limited with the bad hip.

  8. (7) I may be in the minority, but i’m glad the trading Castillo to sign Hudson deal is dead for now. Thats one overpaid guy for another overpaid guy….plus a new overpaid guy for second base. Hudson has lost a ton defensively by the way.

  9. What did all of you think about the rumors yesterday of the Mets and Brewers considering a John Maine for Corey Hart deal?
    Hart is better than Willingham as an outfield option, as he’s a better defender, has much more more speed and one All-Star appearance, but still he’s a career .260 hitter. Seems like both of those guys are poor man’s Jayson Werth-types.
    But we all may have seen the best John Maine can be — his 15-win 2007 season and if he could be replaced with a good free agent pitcher, it might be a good move.
    Tough call.

  10. (9) I think Maine has more upside than Corey Hart does. And it scares me that we already have Corey Hart in RF and he goes by the name of Jeff Francouer.

  11. I would actually be very pleased with Omar if he waits to let the market fall back to him and then only goes with 1 year deals with the holes we have with players like Delgado to patch the team up this year. What I am worried about is dramatically overspending for a minor upgrade this year which is almost irrelevant in my mind versus waiting another year when we have some pieces moving up to fill some holes and a better FA market with more knowledge about our injuries.

    Spending 100 mil on Holliday or even worse Bay would be a big mistake, if the market settles on a lower value for him then we can get in, but if they all sign for too much and too long for the thin market I think a great secondary plan is to fill the holes with some secondary parts and look at what we can get from our hopefully less injured core.

  12. 9. Maine is uncertain but hes cheap. to trade him means you are going to have to bring in 2 Marquis, garland types who are going to command much more and dont throw 96 mph like Maine. Makes no sense to me.

  13. Meanwhile, ESPN is reporting Randy Wolf and the Brewers have agreed to a three-year, $27M deal, so scratch him off the list.
    As for the Maine-for-Hart rumor, Steve, I agree with your take that adding Hart is redundant, with Francouer already in right. That’s why the Mets’ supposed interest in Willingham made no sense.
    And James, I agree with your point that breaking the bank for Holliday or Bay is equally senseless.
    Why won’t the Mets do the cheap and sensible thing by keeping Pagan in left and either offering Delgado an incentive-laden one-year deal to play first, or seeking a power hitting 1B via a trade?
    All we need in LF and at 1B is for Pagan to play his speed and high average game and a lefty power bat at first to keep the seat warm for Ike Davis for a year or two.
    The Mets have to start building an offensive team to play in their home field. Speed and doubles hitters from the right and power from the left makes sense.
    If you’re Holliday or Bay, if you can get multimillions on the open market, why go to a crappy team like the Mets playing in the Grand Canyon, when you can go to a contender playing in a bandbox?

  14. 13 I think you are thinking along with Omar. As I posted earlier Bring back Delgado to avoid signing a Holliday. Thats why he tried so hard to unload castillo. He and Delgado were bad defensively 2 years ago. Now the left side of the infield would be a sieve with them there.

  15. you keep maine. he is young and cheap and if his injuries are over can be useful. i dont know if he can ever be good, but you cant trade your rotation when you have nothing else.

    we need to get pitching. hopefully better arms than we got last year.

    as for the weak free agent market. it has been weak for 3 years now. you would think the gm would have a plan.

    oh yeah. the alternative is to trade. well we have nothing to trade.

    he is an idiot, an incompetant boob

  16. 18 kinda agree except how long does John Maine stay young. He’ll be 29 next season. I don’t think he’s young anymore.