Manuel touches all the bases ….

Jerry Manuel met with the New York and national media this afternoon and touched on the following issues, saying:

* The injury reports have been good and said Jose Reyes is expected to be ready for spring training.

* He anticipates David Wright having a more normal power season in 2010.

* The team can live with Daniel Murphy’s power production at first base if power comes from other sources, naming Wright, Carlos Beltran, Jeff Francoeur and whomever plays left field. Even so, he said the team remains open to bringing back Carlos Delgado.

* Bobby Parnell will come to spring training as a reliever.

* He hasn’t given up on Oliver Perez. “We have to be optimistic at this time,” he said.

3 thoughts on “Manuel touches all the bases ….

  1. my question to all these points is why?

    i can say all of the above also. why should we believe him?

  2. dave (1): That question was never satisfactory answered. For Wright, he said he believes last year was an aberration. … He can’t say he has no confidence in Perez, but his tone was “we don’t have much choice.” … Parnell, we knew that was coming as Manuel showed no faith in his as a starter.-JD

  3. yes.

    i forgot when the season was over he did not let Parnell pitch and learn. he banished him to the pen.