Manuel: Fast start is needed ….

Despite how last season unraveled, and the collapses of the previous two years, Mets manager Jerry Manuel insists his team doesn’t have a delicate psyche and said a fast start wasn’t essential for a good year.

MANUEL: He needs a fast start.

MANUEL: He needs a fast start.

It is, however, important for something else.

“If they want to keep me around it is,” Manuel joked.

Manuel also admitted the Phillies are the team to beat in the National League.

“How can I say we’re the team to beat,” Manuel asked. “We haven’t won anything. The Phillies are the team to beat.”

6 thoughts on “Manuel: Fast start is needed ….

  1. how about not assasinating your players in the media?

    how about instilling fundamentals into the team?

    i hope they have a slow start so we get a new manager by may

  2. Well, I would rather win with a bad manager than lose to get a better one personally, but I understand the sentiment :)

  3. You win with a bad manager and never get anywhere. This is what we have been doing for 3 years now. Four really.

    You get the right people in place so you can move forward.

    This means new front office. New coaches.

    We have the same idiots running the asylum.

  4. until we get new ownership I am not sure I agree. And I will always root for the mets to win, I am not looking to win by losing so to speak :)

    Of course, I think JM has long since earned a ticket out of Queens so /shrug.

  5. 4. Agree with you. The theory about losing to get rid of the bad manager or GM doesn’t always work does it? See NYMETS. 2009 and 2010. Same manager same GM same pitching coach.

    Even though I wanted Manuel out this talk of him being gone if the team gets off to a bad start is even worse. If the Mets decided to keep him it should be for the year. Now, after every two game losing streak, all we’re gonna hear is the who’s the next manager talk. The team will be taken down by the stupidity of the organizaton.