Hart for Maine? No deals ….

Omar Minaya admits the Mets are talking trade, and one interesting rumor surfaced late last night. Milwaukee, with outfielder Corey Hart coming to the Mets for pitcher John Maine. Makes for interesting winter meetings reading on Day One of the winter meetings, but that’s all it is.

The Mets are so thin at starting pitching, and with John Maine pitching well enough at the end of last season to ease concerns about his health, there’s no way they are dealing him at this stage. Bats are always easier to acquire than power arms and there’s an upside to Maine.

I wouldn’t make this deal for that reason. How about you?

11 thoughts on “Hart for Maine? No deals ….

  1. I think I’d bite and make the deal but interesting point in that Maine’s success was with Peterson as the pitching coach and who’s the pitching coach there now? Hmm… Peterson. So I’d like to see the trade made for curiosity reasons. Could Maine become an almost all star pitcher under Peterson again? It is an equal kind of deal. Two guys who have sucked for two years after very promising and solid years. Both teams take a risk, both teams can have a big gain. You make a good point about the depth of pitching. Unfortunately, the Mets lack depth everywhere, so any trade leaves a new hole. That’s the problem with a farm with no guys ready to step in.

  2. Harry, I would rather have Maine at the back end of my rotation then Hart at the back end of my lineup in LF. I guess if I had a couple of those mid-tier arms in house already (or felt confident that they would be), I would change my opinion on that.

  3. Harry (3): You make a great point with your last two sentences. Not only does depth enable you to make a deal, but gives you a cushion when you do lose guys in a trade. You’re right, the Mets don’t have that kind of depth. They barely have the guys to make a deal, let alone live with it.-JD

  4. Of all the rumored Outfielders coming, I like the idea of Willingham the best. He is a true home run threat and still young. Mets are meeting with Wolfs agent today, but it sounds like wolf has already been offered more than the Mets will give him.

  5. I may be crazy, but instead of giving 7-8 mil for molina and the same for a mid level starter, why dont they just give Holliday the money? Invest in a player who can be a foundation piece for years to come instead of a few mediocre, aging players. Should I be committed?

  6. (1) Harry: Apparently Peterson thinks he can fix Maine in 15 minutes. 😉

    I’m not crazy about the trade. I’m still hesitant to give up a pitcher with Maine’s ability for Hart. The last thing they can afford to do is trade a pitcher without making darn sure they have one to replace him.

    It looks like the Brewers also are going to be signing Randy Wolf for 3 years. While I love the idea of the Mets signing Wolf, I don’t think he is worthy of a 3 year deal.

  7. unless we have pitching i would not make the deal just because.

    we need pitching. what does omar say?

    oh yeah.

    he likes our pitching.

    enough said.

  8. 4. I agree with Sadecki. Willingham is a far better hitter but I don’t think you get him for Maine, at least not alone.
    5. The Mets have to get Molina Sadecki. It seems like they are bidding afainst themselves, whoch seems to be a favorite pastime for Omar. I’d be OK with one year, not option of any sort, but I see a multi year deal coming. Mets didn’t learn about broken down old catchers.

  9. 8. Chiti, since Irod got 2 years guaranteed, even though he is older, Molina will get at least 2 from somebody.

  10. 9. Agree unfortunately. It seems even a very mediocre player like Torrealba is going to get 2 years. the market became sane last year to an extent and it is going insnae again this Winter. Story is Brew crew giving Wolf 3 years when he could barely find a job last year. Marquis will want more than Wolf gets. If Omar does trade Looooooooeeeeeee he may pay thru the nose to get his beloved Hudson. Oh by the way, message to Omar; I know you fixed the bullpen last year, but guess what, it ain’t fixed. Pedro Feliciano can’t pitch 162 games next season and sometimes righties are going to bat in the 8th inning.

  11. 10. Read this morning the Mets are going to offer Molina 2 yrs for 12mm and hope he takes it. Yes, despite the owners pleading poverty, the checkbooks are open again. Young cheap talent is rare, so Im not trading Maine for a second rate outfielder.