You’re not going to like this ….

Omar Minaya just spoke with the Mets beat writers. He said progress is being made in dialogues with agents and other general managers, but he’s not close on anything.

MINAYA: Banking on a lot.

MINAYA: Banking on a lot.

He also said he believes the Mets have enough pitching without them making a move.

“Do I think we have enough pitching? Yes, I think, if our pitchers pitch to their potential,” he said. “Yes, but they have to pitch to their potential.”

OK, a show of hands, please. How many think that’s going to happen. Are you willing to gamble 1) Mike Pelfrey takes a positive step, 2) John Maine comes back healthy, 3) Oliver Perez comes back healthy and with a clue, and 4) somebody from within the organization will step forward to be the fifth starter?

23 thoughts on “You’re not going to like this ….

  1. John, have you heard anything about a 3 or 4 team trade the Mets may be involved in?

  2. Ray (5): Have heard that. But, the Mets seem cool and Burrell, and again, who’s going to bite on Castillo? That’s wishful thinking on unloading him.-JD

  3. This is why he should be replaced.

    this is not posturing. a blind man can see how poor our pitching is. if he believes this i believe him. it is the same line for the past 4 years.

    what has he done?

    we have johan and nothing behind him and krod who in his first year raised major questions. oh yes. we also had wags who we thought so much of that rather than keep him so we can get extra picks we traded him for 2 minor leaguers who will stay that way.

  4. 6. Delcos, For a guy who is worthless, his name is the only one I see connected to any trade rumors. Are you telling me you would rather have Burrell?

  5. when our first priority should be quality and depth in the rotation and the second a LF and a platoon 1b why does it seem so much energy is spent on dealing castillo?

    as everyone here knows i am not a defender of him, but we have other priorities.

    this is why this guy needs to go. a gm is a general manager. a manager is someone who manages the budget, identifies needs and contingencies, develops a plan to address those needs and contingencies, and sets priorities.

    which of these responsibilities does omar fill?

  6. 9. Dave, Totally agree, as you know I would. castillos contract is not that bad. Maybe the ownership is telling him he cant trade any minor leaguers and he cant spend big on FAs. Now the rumor is they would take Pierre back for him. I thought they wanted a power bat for LF. We will just have to wait and see.

  7. Come on!
    Why would Omar’s quote surprise anyone? Of course he says he thinks the Mets have enough pitching.
    What’s he supposed to say in public — we suck and we’re desperate and we’ll overpay for any pitcher? (With plenty of spinklings of his hacneyed phrases such as “at the end of the day,” “that being said” and “you know what I’m saying.”)
    Omar hasn’t inspired much confidence lately, but he deserves to be graded on his off-season performance on the eve of the 2010 opener, not Day 1 of the Winter Meetings.

  8. gil(11)

    as i say in #7. It is obvious we need pitching. is stating the obvious going to make other gm’s or agents not try and get the best deal they can?

    perhaps walking around stating the sky is green when everyone knows it is blue will persuade someone that it is indeed green.

    i doubt it tho.

    perhaps making such a statement will convince some fans that johan/pelf/maine/ollie and whomever will get us to the ws or at least the postseason.

    We have had these guys for the past 2 years. as we know that is a powerful foursome that strikes fear in our competition.

  9. Ray(10)

    castillo had a good year. we have 2 more years of him. he is a slap hitter and any outfield can safely come in to half depth with no fear the ball will be hit over their head.

    i think he is a slightly above average defender who makes too many stupid mistakes.

    As i said, i dont think we need to get rid of him now for the simple reason that we have too many other serious issue.

    i do think that we will get tired of his play sooner rather than later. he is not the 6 million dollar man.

    if he was a player like cora who makes 1-2 million a year, i would love him. it is not his fault the gm gave him this contract. but he has to live with fans expectations of what he should be.

  10. A bad night for the bargain hunters. Penny getting 7.5 mil plus incentives bodes well for all pitchers. Pudge getting a two year deal for 2.5-3 mil per should have the Barrajas and Molina camps jumping for joy. Starting to look like Omar really blew it last winter when he passed on all the bargains available.

  11. 15

    i said that all year long. last year was the year to plug ur holes.

    our gm got the closer and an injured one and said i am done


  12. #16 The only mistake in that is that he signed Perez instead of one of those bargains at the end. But most of those bargains last year are out on the market again this year. CC was certainly no bargain, neither was Lowe or AJ so where are these holes that could have been plugged for 2010? I agree we could have been better off last year with some of those bargains, but that doesn’t have much to do with this year.

    #13 Come on, no GM would come out and say we are desperate for pitching, this is a nothing quote about nothing. I do think that Omar is trying to fill one of those holes end or add some room in his budget by trading Castillo, but I highly doubt that is all he is doing.

  13. James you have totally missed the point. The guys who were bargains last year aren’t bargains this year. Minaya is going to have to look at paying way more for the same kind of guys he could have gobbled up last year. And he can’t get a 40 HR guy for 10 mil this year like he could have gotten last year. Remember Adam Dunn the power bat Omar didn’t need?? Remember alll the tier 2 pitchers Omar ignored because he was going to overpay for OP? Remember how bad this Hudson claimed he wanted to come here? Remember the Dodgers got him for almost nothing? He dumps Castillo he’ll pay thru the nose for a Hudson who has tremendously gone down in value. That’s why it matters. The mistakes of the past haunt this organization today. I’m sorry you see the same small picture as Omar does.
    Only mistake was OP? Only giant mistake was ignoring a minor part of the game called offense. I guess neither Dunn nor Abreu could have made the Met roster. We were overloaded with big bats in the outfield like Murphy and Church.

  14. Harry, you missed my point, outside of Dunn (who was ignored by a LOT of baseball not just Omar for reasons I can’t completely fathom) most of those deals were one year deals because the players knew they were signing in a bad market and were not going to sign for a 2-3 year deal at those low values.

    Abreu would have been a very nice fit, but didn’t he get 3 years in LA? Do you really think that will be a great deal for all 3 of those years? I will admit Omar did not target offense last off season and I would have liked one of those bats, but to expect any team’s offense to survive losing their leadoff hitter, #3 #5 and a 40% dropoff from their #4 hitter is expecting just way too much from any offense.

  15. Nevermind, I was wrong on Abreu, but that takes it back to my original point of that being about last year. I thought he could have done more for last year too, I just don’t see how even if we had done that last year that helps us with our holes we would need to fill this year.

    Would it make it better for us if we had these holes because our players are now leaving as a FA instead of not being here in the first place?

  16. james(17)

    ok let us assume for a minute that ollie was the best pitcher left. they overpaid which we all agree.

    then they go out and get 2 waste of space guys to plug the 5 position.

    our ace just had surgery, our #2 had a good second half after blowing it for 1.5 years. maine just had ‘minor surgery’. so we stand pat with the rotation that clearly needed help. we needed 2 players not one.

    OF. we needed a starting or at worse a platoon LF to go with the job handed to a AA infielder.

    we needed depth and flexibility on the bench. we got cora. we stopped there. when we had injuries we brought up junk we had signed that promptly showed they were A ball players. then we traded for junk we threw away the year before.

    as to your this year last year argument.

    if we had gotten 2 mid level pitchers would we be stressing about overpaying for lackey? would we have a different discussion about 1b/LF?

    we still have bench issues.

    these are the same problems as last year and the year before.

  17. #21, if your argument is that if we had not paid for Perez and instead went with Wolf/Marquis or something last year that has clearly been proven to have been the better plan. I don’t think that was as clear last year, but clearly results of this year show that Perez’s signing last year was a bad move. We may still get something out of Perez going forward, but it does look like that was a bad move. Not as bad maybe as signing Lowe for 4 years at 15 million, but definitely worse than signing two mid-tier guys.

    So if your argument is that we should have 12 million more to spend this off season without Perez on the books you ahve a point. I wouldn’t turn that money into Lackey for 80 million, but I would certainly like a mulligan on the Perez contract at the time.

    I just don’t see how that turns into an arguement about how that would have filled our holes this year? We would still have those same holes in this logic.

  18. 22

    my argument is not just about ollie.

    it is that last year was the time to plug the many holes on the team of which starting pitching was at the top of the list.

    if we assume ollie was the best pitcher out there, he was not worth 3/36. omar panicked.

    my point about the pitchers is that we needed 2 starters not one.