Pedro wants another year ….

MARTINEz: Wants another year.

MARTINEZ: Wants another year.

Pedro Martinez, at 38, is not ready to hang them up. Martinez said he’d like to pitch another season for the Phillies.

Martinez was 5-1 in nine starts for the Phillies down the stretch and started two games in the World Series. Game 2 was a decent start. Game 6 wasn’t so good. Both starts were at Yankee Stadium. The pitching deprived Mets aren’t interested in an encore. The Phillies haven’t said whether they’ll bring him back.

Martinez also said he will pitch for the Licey Tigers in the Dominican winter league. Martinez, obviously, is one of these players who won’t let go of his career. It has been a good one, but it can’t be overlooked that last year he pitched in a fraction of the games he would normally start, which must factor into his effectiveness.

4 thoughts on “Pedro wants another year ….

  1. JD: All day long and the best you can come up with is Pedro? C’mon now..stop living in the past! Pedro is finished. Who cares about him anymore. He is a non entity as far as I and many other Met fans are concerned

  2. (2) JD: Covering him from signing with the Phills thru the World Series with the Yankees, I can understand. But again he is a non entity and though I can’t speak for everyone on here, I hope I never see his name on these boards again.