Lackey wants Burnett bucks ….

Word is John Lackey rejected a $60 million package from the Angels and is looking in the AJ Burnett neighborhood of $82.5 million over five years.

LACKEY: Wants big bucks.

LACKEY: Wants big bucks.

Lackey does have an injury history, but if the reports are true that the Angels are making a bid to retain him, then that should be less of an issue because they are the team that knows him best.

There have been reports both ways, that Lackey could get up to $100 million or lucky to get the $60 million.

I’d be surprised if the value of all the Mets did this winter will add up to $100 million.

7 thoughts on “Lackey wants Burnett bucks ….

  1. 82.5 over 5 years seems just about right considering he is the best of a mediocre bunch of starting pitching out there. That said, I wouldn’t sign him. The last two years his ERA has gotten higher and he hasn’t thrown alot of innings due to his injuries. Any team that signs him is risking alot.

  2. Lackey will be 31 next year. 5yrs will put him at 36 by the end of a 5 yr deal. Its a little older than you’d like. Of course its impossible to know how good he’ll be by then let alone next year. 5yrs $60million is $12mil/yr. That’s not very high for a starting pitcher who has posted the following ERAs in his past 5 seasons : 3.44, 3.56, 3.01 (led the AL), 3.75 and 3.83. The total amount is misleading I think. Its the per year total that is most important. $12mil/yr is what Ollie is making.

  3. 5 yrs @ 12 per for an established pitcher who can pitch is better than 3 yrs @ 12 per for a head case who hasn’t proved he can pitch after 10 years in the majors.

  4. TMS (2): We all know the Mets overpaid for Perez. Lackey is worth more in comparison and because of his ERA totals. However, he’s had arm problems the past two years. Maybe the Angels aren’t concerned, but it still has to be part of the equation.-JD

  5. Steve (1): Agree with you on this one. Anything over three years for a pitcher has to be a risk. They’ll even be hurting at the end of Santana’s deal.-JD

  6. 4. Dan, Yes Whitey was a real sharp manager. I read that he would spend an hour before every game going over pitcher vs. hitter matchups. He never hid his hatred of the mets while with the cardinals.