If money were no object ….

If the Mets didn’t have to worry about the cost factor, then all right, go for Matt Holliday and John Lackey, get Jason Marquis, too. It doesn’t work that way. The Mets, which contrary to popular opinion, aren’t a cheap organization.

You don’t build stadiums and have the one of the highest payrolls in the game if you’re cheap. But, the Mets are proceeding with caution on the dollar front. None of the big three – Holliday, Bay and Lackey – will be at Citi this summer in the home whites.

Not happening.

4 thoughts on “If money were no object ….

  1. You are right they are not cheap. They aren’t however, the best at building a team from all aspects of the game and they aren’t too smart about who they give long term contracts too. (I include the GM as part of this) They made smart moves in signing young guys to long deals like Beltran and Santana but locking up the parade of aging guys for more than a year has overwhelemed the good moves. They also get an F on the minor league front. They’ve had Minaya for 5 years and have major league ready players at almost no positions. One starter in Pelfrey and one one utility type guy in Murphy, and one questionable reliever in Parnell. They can yell and scream that the lower levels are stocked but the 5 year cycle should have developed talent everywhere. At this point in the Wilpon/Minaya era if they wanted to dump Castillo they should be able to pluck a major league ready guy from the farm instead of dumping him to maybe get a slighly better free agent who everyone will want to dump before his way too long deal will be up. In my mind thet’a where their cheap, in not overspending for guys to draft and sign that threaten to go to college.

  2. I saw a story about sending Castillo to the rays for Burrell. How stupid would that be? I just wonder where these FAs expect to get those 100 plus million dollar contracts. When you see stories about even the yankees wanting to cut salary that tells me something. I can hear the word collusion in the air. The gravy train has been derailed by this rotten economy.

  3. Yes. The mets have a high payroll, but they are not wise in how they pay for players.

    They do not invest in the minor leagues and they are not really spending for the stadium.

    New York City is paying for both brand new stadiums. The New York City taxpayer has spent roughly $2 billion on both. They did this by issueing bonds that goes against their debt level while the Wilpons and Steinbrenners get a tax free issue at no cost to them.

    They have to pay the interest of course and pay off the principal in time but they get that back with the $20 sandwhiches and the $200 seats.

    This in the midst of a recession where New York can’t pay it’s bills.

  4. #3, of course the deals were made when we were not in the midst of a recession and we had the resources to pull that off. And while they do get the money tax free, they do have to pay it off with interest so it isn’t exactly the same as paying for the stadium. The taxpayers are definitely footing a good amount of costs from these new stadiums, but not $2 billion each.

    #1, How many truly bad contracts are we talking about Harry? I can certainly name a few:

    1. Castillo (not as bad as it has been made out to be, but the 4 years was just horrid).
    2. Alou Year 2
    3. The Show
    4. Perez

    In general I think Minaya does a pretty good job in terms of the size of contracts. Yes he pays a bit too much for the bench players like Cora, but I already had a long post about why I think that is overrated on this team, and that is not the bulk of our money.

    Lets face it, the bulk of our money is tied up in Santana, Beltran, Reyes, Wright, and K-Rod. While K-Rod may not have worked out last year you can’t really say that Omar overspent on him or that he is old and aging. Perez is really the biggest ding on his FA signings and I don’t think even the biggest detractors of that deal expected LAST year to happen.

    Now on the minor league front I agree with you almost 100%. We do still have some talent laying around though and he has used his minor league players to acquire good major league talent in the past, but he has not done a good job with the minor leagues overall that is evident.