Greetings from Indianapolis ….

Sorry for the late post. It was a planes, trains and automobile travel day today to Indianapolis, which apparently turns into a ghost town when the Colts play. Nobody at the airport and the streets are empty.

To catch up on some Mets notes, there is a report they are interested in Josh Willingham, which wouldn’t be a bad thing. Not the greatest of acquisitions, but certainly a better option in left than Angel Pagan.

Oh, yeah, one more thing … can we forget about the Mets dealing Luis Castillo. Of course, they’d like to move him, but his salary, age, injury history and the fact last season might have been a fluke, all of which add up to conspire against a deal being made.

Would you trade for a player with those strikes against him? I wouldn’t, either.

4 thoughts on “Greetings from Indianapolis ….

  1. Wow. We have a man on the scene. Thats great, John. I look forward to your reports.
    Willingham? He has power, and thats what they need. Stop picking on Looie. His numbers from last year are in line with his career numbers and he is one of the few mets who didnt miss significant time last year.

  2. Why would the Mets be interested in Josh Willingham? What does he bring to the offense? He lacks Pagan’s speed, on-base capability and isn’t much of a defensive upgrade. I’d much prefer Pagan to play left and Delgado holding first base down for the next year or two to provide power and keep the position warm for Ike Davis.
    Only way Willingham works is if there’s some kind of lefty platoon partner for him — and it sure isn’t Daniel Murphy.
    Any teams interested in trading for Murphy in some sort of package — even though his value is down?

  3. 1. Agree Sadecki. Wilingham is a decent player who has good pop. He also plays the game with solid fundamentals and makes the most of his abilities, unlike Pagan and so many other Mets who don’t know fundamentals exist. He has had tremendous hot streaks and can actually carry a tam for a couple weeks. On the other hand he has had long and really terrible slumps and I don’t know if the Met idiot fan base (see post #2 for a perfect ecxample) can handle them. But, he was very popular in Florida and DC. He would also allow Martinez time to develop without becoming nothing more than trade bait which would probably happen if the Mets signed a guy for 6 years.