Not getting those vibrations ….

Usually in the days prior to the winter meetings I usually get a feel for what the Mets might do. Not this year. There’s no such feeling. No such premonition. The name I keep hearing most is Bengie Molina and that does nothing for me. Zip, zero, nada.

The Mets’ biggest priority is pitching, but I hear them linked to nobody, much less anybody dynamic. The Mets are either keeping their cards unusually close to the vest or don’t have much of a concrete plan in action.

Care to guess which one it is?

8 thoughts on “Not getting those vibrations ….

  1. Perhaps the Mets will notice an article about Jason Marquis of Staten Island on the front page of the NY Times Sports section. Seems like he might fit right in – being from the ‘neighborhood’ so to speak and a not too shabby pitching record.

  2. I see Molina is asking for 3 yrs, so I dont think he will be a Met. I still see them signing Holliday. I saw an article yesterday that the cards are worried about having enough money to resign Pujols. I also saw that the red sox want holliday. Could just be a bargaining ploy against Bay. The best news is that the yankees are looking to cut payroll which knocks them out. If the Mets offer 6 yrs and 100mm that should do it.

  3. yanks can cut payroll by not signing matsui and damon.


    I agree. Pitching pitching pitching.

    Just like last year.

    And the year before

    and the year before that.

    In the meantime the pitcher everyone is talking about in the minors is a 20 year old kid with a blazing fastball and no control who is not anywhere near being able to pitch in queens.

    Our best shot is hoping Niese is healed ad can compete for #5.

    As has been proposed we need 2 pitchers like Wolfe. One is not enough.

    We have one dependable pitcher on the staff. He had surgery for the past 2 years. Everyone else is a riddle.

  4. Why not Molina…. Three years too late. No need to sign him him before he goes downhill. Sign him now and keep up the tradition of Omar.

    2. I like Holliday as a player Sadecki. I guess almost everyone does. The only prtoblem I have with trying to sign him is a team with many holes dealing with Boras and his never ending stall games leaves a lot of other fall back options down the drain if Boras finds a secret team, like he did with Texeira last year.

  5. 1. Annie….Being from the “neighborhood” is the worst reason to sign a player. Remember Bobby Bonilla.

  6. 5.Chiti, Yeah. If a reporter gets on his nerves he can threaten ” I’ll show you staten island.” not quite the same effect.

  7. 4. chiti, Molina is also asking for 8mm per year. As you say, Its 3 years too late. We have seen what happens to catchers when they reach the mid 30s. Even great ones like Carter and Piazza. One year with an option or forget it.

  8. In the daily news today, Bill Madden torches the Mets saying there will be no big signings and that Omar is only looking at “low budget latins” Maybe youre onto something Delcos. I have also seen there is going to be a huge announcement at the winter meetings that will eclipse any trade or signing made there.