5 thoughts on “Poll: Who should catch?

  1. I voted for the Blanco/Santos platoon. I don’t want Thole anywhere near Citifield until the rosters expand in September again. He needs to get that catching experience before he is ready to be a MLB catcher.

  2. Steve, I’m with you. Not in love with Molina and would never give him what people are speculating. I maybe go 1 yr/$5 million with a $4-5 million vesting option. But first I would investigate the trade market. If nothing available and Molina or Barajas don’t bite at a 1 yr deal with 2nd year vesting/owners option, then I’m going into the season with a Blanco/Santos platoon with a possible mid season callup.

  3. I think catcher depends on what else you do. If we add some quality starters and a good OF with power than having a catcher who can hit is not as important. If not then yet another hole in the lineup is the same ol same ol.


  4. 1. agree about Thole but definitely not about a Santos/Blanco platoon…Aren’t they both righties? Maybe I read that worng also. Anyway the great Met platooner, Gil Hodges, and the great Oriole platooner Earl Weaver, platooned guys who were lefty with guys who were righty, Baseball keeps changing in ways that don’t make sense. Must be another new stat. On the other hand when you’re batting is as bad as Blanco’s I guess it doesn’t matter what part of a platoon you are in. I’ll have to take your plan under further advisement. Actually, you know Molina is coming here on at least a two year deal. Its a perfect set up. Another chance for Omar to outbid Omar for a player’s services. So Santos is out of here.