Mets’ minors aren’t making it ….

Baseball America has ranked the Mets’ minor league system 20th in the majors, ahead of only Washington in the NL East. The Phillies are fourth, Braves seventh and Marlins ninth. The Nationals are at 26.

The Phillies are deep, meaning they have the chips to spend on a major league arm, such as Roy Halladay, if they chose. If Toronto goes outside the division, I’m still saying the Phillies will get him.

Baseball America did rank the prospects Ike Davis and Jenrry Mejia among the top ten prospects in the Arizona Fall League.

Despite horrid numbers, the scouts love Mejia’s arm strength. Still, he’s at least two years away. The Mets see Davis in 2011 and that’s conceivable. Scouts are saying he has 30 homer potential, but they don’t like his propensity for striking out, saying it will drag down the rest of his game.

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  1. The Phillies are becoming older by the new sign. I am really happy with the new regime down there because in a year or two they will be stuck with as many bad contracts as the Mets always have. The contract Polanco got would have been great a few years ago. Schneider a multi year deal. Ibanez showed his age last year as the season wore on him. Lets see what he’s like the next two. I’m also happy with the aged bullpen the Braves have created. They all remind me of the moves so applauded and made several times in the past by the Mets. Paying a guy for what he did for soemeone else is almost always a bad move. Keep working on the back up catchers Omar. The rest of the division is catching down to you.

  2. Meh. I don’t put too much stock into Baseball America when most of the people picking it are beat writers who never watch the games.

  3. (1) Harry: I’m kinda puzzled by the Phills love for Polanco for Third base. I would have wanted him here for 2nd, but with the years and dollars the Phills gave them, they should have resigned Feliz. At least you knew he gave great defense. As far as the Braves pen is concerned, the deal for Wagner and the deal for Saito were each one year deals I believe, well worth it for them IMO.

  4. JD: Also you have to look at the article closely. From 6 thru 15 and 16th thru 25th are ranked ALPHABETICALLY. So the Mets could easily be #16 as far as i’m concerned. Plus Manuel writes that the Mets have a solid top 10, so please don’t jump to conclusions that the team is bereft of minor league talent.

  5. 4. Steve, True, but they still fall into the worst of the rest category. btw 16th-25th place. Just look at the AA and AAA teams they fielded last year. Please dont tell me the lower minors are stacked. AA is where the prospects usually hit a wall as Mejia and Holt showed last year. If they can do well at the AA level, then they may be legitimate. The only player who did that last year was Davis.

  6. (5) Ray: If they are 16th, then they just fall shy of the middle of the pack. Is it great? No. But it certainly isn’t as awful as alot of writers would lead you to believe. Stop bashing Mejia. He hasn’t even turned 20 yet and he’s in his 3rd year of professional ball. I never really believed in the Holt hype, but I still hold hope for Davis, Havens, Mejia, F-Mart, and Thole to be major contributors in the future. And also, when did you ever recently hear of the Mets having a “solid top 10?”

    I can understand your skepticism. I know the Mets minor leagues in the last 10 years or so haven’t really turned out that many good players. But what happened 10 years ago doesn’t count today. We’ll see what happens.

  7. By the way, I also saw that Jack Curry from the NY Times said that the Mets top priority at the Winter Meetings is to trade Luis Castillo so they can sign Orlando Hudson.

    Yeah, with the Mets only needing a left fielder, starting pitching, relief help, and maybe another catcher I can see where trading the 2bman with a .387 OBP and replacing him with a 2bman who couldn’t hold his job in a playoff run, lost it to Ronnie Belliard, and whose team is LOOKING for a 2bman had no interest in resigning him.

    Yes, it is true. Omar is a genius.

  8. #7, I never really believed the Castillo articles to be honest for the same reason, I think this is more of the media feeding off of itself than anything else. I could see Omar looking to trade Castillo off of a good year to save money and/or bringing in something else of value like Arroyo, but not as a strict dump for nothing to replace him with O-Dog.

  9. BTW, I think this is from the same media that thrashed Omar all through last season for not doing the exact same move last off season.

  10. Steve, I applaud your optimism about the Mets farm system, I guess I am jaded. I have seen to much hype about players such as Heilman, Milledge, Pelfry and others over the last few years. And those are the ones who made it. I am not bashing Mejia, I just dont get too excited unless I see a player succeed at the AA level.
    Your second point about Castillo/Hudson, I agree with you 100% and how much are they going to get back for Looie when Omar is telling the world he cant wait to dump the guy?

  11. 7 and 10. Agree completely about Castillo. Therefore, I expect him to be moved.
    3. Steve O. The Braves had two good guys at the end of the rotation last year; Soriano/Gonzalez. Now they replaced them with two old guys, one coming off major surgery who was babied to get thru a month of the season and one who has a questionable elbow. Even if they don’t go down the Braves have to redo the whole bullpen again in a year. Why not keep at least one of the two and then add only one risky replacement?

  12. (11) Well both Soriano and Gonzalez were injury prone as well. I personally think that Wagner and Saito are better than both of those guys, so if they get lucky they’ll have a better back of the pen. If they both, or either one gets injured they’ll be screwed. lol.

  13. Steve(4)

    What about this team’s minor league system leads you to believe it is anything but below average?

    I read several articles last year where they said the league offices and scouts were laughing at us.

  14. just saw a report that Fmart is out with hand blisters. His manager Alou is advising him to piss on his hands to toughen the skin. I am not making this up.

  15. saw the same report.

    if it makes fmart the same type of major league hitter that is good for the mets.

    if it makes him as injury prone as his manager was for the mets it is bad for us.

    of course there are people who advocate drinking the same for health so i guess peeing on your hands aint so bad.