Behind the plate ….

This is one of those times when I must ask you to contain yourselves. The Mets signed backup catchers Henry Blanco and Chris Coste to one-year deals yesterday. Kind of makes you feel warm all over, doesn’t it?

MOLINA: The one they want.

MOLINA: The one they want.

Neither are expected to platoon with Omir Santos next year, as the Mets are still eyeing free-agent Bengie Molina, or are willing to make a trade for a No. 1. Josh Thole and Santos are expected to platoon in Triple-A. Lifetime Phillies fan Chris Coste could also see Buffalo.

The 35-year-old Molina, who hit 20 homers last year for San Francisco, is seeking a multi-year deal, while the Mets are more inclined to offer one year. With the demand for catching not strong, and the teams seeking them aren’t big spenders (Kansas City, Milwaukee and San Diego), Molina might fall back to the Mets.

If not, I’d pass on Molina as there’s no reason to get stuck on a multi-year deal for a catcher of his age.

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  1. John, I am for the situation as you wrote above. I cant vote because thats not one of the options you have listed. I think Blaco is leverage. Molina can take one year or leave it. Molina and Blanco is a big upgrade over last years platoon. Coste is signed to mentor Thole. Santos? who knows?

  2. I could see giving Molina two years at the right price, like 2 for 11 or something, or 1 for 7. I could see that kind of offer coming from Omar.

    Overall that would be a very large upgrade at catcher over what we had last year. And if we do give Molina 2 we would then have him around to platoon with Thole next year.

    If Molina starts raising those demands too high then we go with Blanco/Santos with Thole/Coste in AAA which is still an upgrade to what we have last year, especially defensively with Blanco.

  3. Molina is an upgrade if he’s a Met, but if the moves for catcher have ended then there has been absolutely ZERO improvement at one position. One down and how many more to not upgrade? Molina on a multi year deal would be another mistake. The price is the wrong consideration James. You apparently are on the same page as Omar believing that age is irrelevant. Wrong… age and long term deals make a franchise a continued mess. Sadecki you got this one 100% right. one or good bye.

  4. 3. just about anybody is an upgrade over what Schnieder provided last year. So Blanco is an improvement right there. I dont know why people are already trying to turn Thole into a platoon player.

  5. I just checked Benjies numbers. For the last 5 years straight he has hit between 15-20 HRs. His RBI the last 3 yrs are 85-95-80. I think not getting this guy 3 years ago cant be added to the list of Omar blunders.

  6. (4) Ray: Probably because he is still so raw defensively. But he has a good chance to be a solid major leaguer.

  7. Two years at 35 for 5 mil a year? Come on that is just not a bad deal no matter how you argue it. I would prefer 1 for 6 or 7, but if I can get a reasonable two year deal we are still fine. He gets 70% of the starts this year and 55-60% in the second year with Thole coming along behind him.

    I wouldn’t prefer two, but two years is not “age irrelevant”. Bengie can definitely be a useful player for that timeframe.

    As for the current being no upgrade I disagree, Blanco > Schnieder and Coste > Cancel, and with Thole closer we are already in an upgraded position no doubt about it IMO.

  8. #5? A Blunder? Really? He offered 3×18 for the guy which is more than what he got from SF and come on we are going to say every player who is of quality that signs with another team is a blunder for Omar? The list is going to get long quick.

  9. 9. Yes, a definite blunder. Instead of negotiating he said take it or leave it (kind of what he is doing now) and when he didnt get a quick answer he jumped on LoDuca. Then came Schnieder who was making 5.5 Million and was a total bust.

  10. 7. Two years for Alou was a good move I guess. 4 years for Pedro was a good move I guess. 1 year extension for Delgado was a good move I guess, 2 year deal for Franco was a good move I guess. Four year deal for Wagner was a good move i guess. None of these guys were catchers, the position that takes the most abuse and the aging process is the most rapid. So you want a 37 year old first string catcher, go for it. Are these guys back on the roids?
    The most important reason to sign Molina for two years is to give your man the early excuse to keep out of the catcher sweepstakes if either Victor Martinez or Joe Mauer don’t sign an extension this year. Why would the Mets need to spend big on a true star when Omar can say I have to trade Molina before I can go after them?
    So James, would you rather have Molina the starting catcher in ’11 or Joe Mauer?

  11. JD – agree with this post 100%. Seems to be plenty of catchers on the trade market. And if Molina wants more than 1 yr plus maybe an owners/vesting option then he can go elsewhere. I wouldn’t give him more than $5 million/year, however….