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  1. Ah that was a sad day in Metland for this 11 year old boy. But the trade was pretty fair. Mets got themselves a catcher for the next 5/6 years and the Phills got what they needed to help them to a World Series championship. Believe me, the Mets with McGraw those years wouldn’t have been in any better shape than they were without him. One thing I never realized though was that Tug actually pitched longer for the Phills than he did with the Mets!

  2. The really bad trade with the Phillies was when we gave them McDowell and Dykstra for Juan Samuel. Stearns was a fine “gritty” player (coudln’t resist that useless term) who just played with a rotten team.

  3. I agree with Steve the Original. Grote was getting old and Stearns was an adequate fill in. The Phillies did better because they had a good catcher already in Bob Boone and Tugger filled a need. The Mets did blow it because they couldn’t find the shoulder problem McGraw had in his last two years. Once he went to Philly, a proper diagnosis and surgery fixed him.
    I always remember a home plate collision between Stearns and the Pirates Dave Parker. Parker, a big strong man at 6’5″ broke his cheekbone and wore a football helmet for a month. Stearns, a defensive back at U of Colorado, brushed himself off and got back into his catcher’s squat.

  4. 3. I remember that play, Dan. The DUDE. I loved that guy. He also broke the one year record for stolen bases by a catcher.I never saw that info about tugs shoulder except from you, but I believe it. Some things never change. Unser was a good player. Mets traded him the next year for the immortal pepe mangual who couldnt buy a hit but boy could he run! I say this was a good trade for both teams.

  5. Ray: The Tug McGraw entry in wikipedia mentions a cyst being removed after the trade.
    As for Pepe Mangual, I believe it was the late Jack Lang who said he could drop any flyball he could get his glove on.
    Stearns may have been a disappointment because I think the Mets expected him to develop 25 HR power like Carlton Fisk and Lance Parrish but didn’t.

  6. Dan, Stearns was injury prone. that curailed his development and cut short his career. I remember reading that he was upset that he spent so many years losing and when the Mets finally got good he couldnt play anymore.

  7. we gave up mcdowell and nails for samuel?

    i remember when we traded nails we no longer had any of our cf’s from the world series. then we spent the next 5 years trying to get an adaquate cf for the team.

    never liked those decisions. mookie was getting old. i understand if you have to move him for the next guy to man the position, but dont get rid of both.

  8. so the mets get barajas for 1.5 and i heard someone say that coste was signed to keep the aaa franchise beyond next year ( to help them win ) and to teach our boy thole.

    so i guess that is what they spent the 1/2 mil on.

  9. so what’s up with tiger? do his recent troubles cause him to make only 50 mil a year and perhaps distract him from his game?

  10. I don’t buy much of anything distracting Tiger’s game. Barajas is a decent pickup for us, Coste will be good for AAA and a callup when one of them eventually goes down. Overall I like what Omar did for catcher here. Would have preferred Coste didn’t have to be on the 40 man, but so long as that doesn’t end up causing an issue down the line we look pretty good.

  11. Wait so we got Blanco, Barajas and Coste? I am a little confused by that, does that mean Omir is out of a role or something? /shrug

  12. 11. I think he mistook Blanco and Barrajas. I don’t mind Coste but being on the 40 man roster at his age he has to be out of options and would have to be DFA’d every time he got sent down, like Omar’s favorite AAAA pitcher Nelson Figeroa. Based on Coste’s pro-Phillie statements after he signed with the Mets its obvious Omar was the only GM in the Northern Hemisphere to offer this player anything more than a monor league deal. Just another in a long line of unnecessary little bad moves by this GM. And Blanco for 1.5 mil..? Might as well have stuck with the mediocrity we had in ’09.

  13. Dave (9) Here’s a copy of what I posted here last week:

    Tiger is caught in an ‘unplayable lie’.

    It was bound to happen. Another rich – very rich – sportsman has gone astray of mainstream behavior and is hiding behind his employees/lawyers/staff who have always protected him from the People, the Police, and the Press. Why do they need to know what happened?

    First because it is the people’s money which has created much of the wealth of Mr. Woods through his tournaments and the marketing of his clothing, clubs etc.; second because the Florida Highway Police are involved – and no one should delay talking to them; and lastly because if the press doesn’t get the truth from Mr. Woods, they will write a story anyway – many already have done that.

    The average American doesn’t face these problems, they live within the law. Mr. Woods does too, but at a time like this he needs to prove it. What is at risk here, is his ‘brand’ and that means everything to a celebrity/sportsman.

    Just ask Plaxico.
    What we know now is that Tiger cares more for the money and life on the road than anything else in the world.

  14. (12) Harry: I’ll disagree with you on Blanco. The going rate for backup catchers seems to be in that 1 to 1.5 million dollar range and the difference between him and Schnieder is that Blanco hasn’t lost anything defensively.

  15. #13, That is a bit harsh if you ask me, a Man’s personal life is his personal life and I still believe that he does not “owe” the public a blow by blow description of what he did/didn’t do with some waitress in SD. And I don’t see how you then make the jump to all he cares about is money.

    We don’t know anything about his personal situation or what lead to his mistake, but that is between him and his wife.

  16. 14. I looked at his (Blanco)% of throwing out guys and it dropped considerably last year. If you want a very aged catcher then UI suggest you tell Omar to bring back DeFelice. He was always ready in AAA and didn’t cost anything. Anyway, a 38 year old catcher?? there’s no upgrade and most likely Omaar found someone worse than Schneider.

  17. Annie,

    I agree with what you wrote.

    The reason Tiger needs to explain himself is that besides being the best golfer on the planet, he makes 100 million a year in large part because of his image. That is now tarnished and his earnings will suffer. If he refuses to say anything as is his right, his sponsors – at least some of them – will leave.

    I do not believe Plaxico can be compared to Tiger. Plaxico broke the law and was prosecuted for it. He brought an unlicensed firearm into a club and it went off. Endangering those around him.

    Tiger is guilty of a moving violation which is a civil offense and although a car can kill someone what he did on its surface is not a felony.