Omar Minaya is seeking the medical records of Hideki Matsui. Just informational. Doesn’t mean they are about to sign him to a three-year deal. Even so, it says the Mets could be thinking in that direction. I like Matsui, but his time has come and he’s a DH-type now. He’s not going to be able to cover that left field at Citi Field without some kind of breakdown.

13 thoughts on “Matsui?

  1. I think a 5 year offer for someone of his offensive skills is appropriate for this team.

    We need a pinch hitter or a defensive liability on this team.

    We are currently bereft of any 10 million dollar per year players who can hold a slot on the IR or bench position.

  2. It would be typical of Omar to sign a guy who hasn’t played the OF for a year and has bad wheels.

  3. well, if he signs for a league minimum type deal like Sheff that would be fine. But yeah, I don’t see this turning into anything but a blurb in the tabloids.

    How about Polanco on the Phils, I think that is a good deal for the Mets. Phils overpaid at 3 years with a 4th option and is putting him out of position to get not a whole lot for a quickly aging player. But knowing the Phils he will find his form for a couple more years like Thome…

  4. Its one more indication of a GM with no plan, no clue no strategy. The guy is an AL only type guy, he’s not coming for minimum (in fact Sheffield came for minimum only because the Tigers were so glad to get rid of his lousy attitude that they gave him 14 mil to get out of Michigan), so why would any GM with a plan and an idea of a strategy waste any time on studying.
    Matsui? Why, because he doesn’t know aht to do…..

    1. dave your post was truly outstanding…..

  5. Why do you need medical records when if you read a boxscore you can tell Matsui is a strictly a DH?

  6. Ok, this is just getting crazy, they are looking at information they will look at 100s of players in the off season, many/most of which they will have no real interest in, the ONLY reason this even gets a blurb is because of the name.

    You are stretching more than a little on this one Harry.

  7. And after the post season Hideki had, to say there is no reason for us to be interested at any price would be more foolish than looking at some information.

  8. 7. That right, it makes a ton of sense to spend valuable time looking at a guy who has played ZERO INNINGS IN THE FIELD. Afterall there are so many game where the National League teams uses a DH. OMAR is pure genius. Every other NL GM iis retarded for not not looking at DHs. Now I fully understand why the GM of the team that is always at the top or near the top in payroll has managed to get his team into ne postseason and zero World series. Oh I can’t wait to see Godzilla in the outfield of citi field. Omar just by sniffing, is the GM of the decade.

  9. I just discovered that Francouer is much better against LHP and Pagan is much better against RHP (batting left, he’s a switch-hitter). Why not platoon Pagan and Francouer in RF?

  10. Harry, I know you hate Omar, but admit it you are REACHING here, this is a nothing blurb and I would bet dollars for donuts that other NL teams will get the same information.

    This is a nothing and it is excessive to go off on it. And what if Hideki did end up signing somewhere in a support roll for a mil? Wonder how people would respond to Omar not even bothering to find out his status would look like.

    Please, they will be doing this for just about every player available.

    You can’t turn every single iota of news into a Omar rant it will get kind of old quick :)

  11. 11. James, I do not hate Omar. One can think another person is not good at his job without hating him. You know the saying about political cnadidates. The one who wins is the one people would rather have a beer with? I’d rather have a beer with Omar than the guys he picks as a manager. That doesn’t mean I like the work he does. But I like listening to him when the Mets were contenders and he would go on the games once in a while to tell us all his tall tales.
    As for your concern that this is an excessive blurb. I think I agree with you. however, you have a hard a time not defending the possibility of the Mets spending millions to sign another has been. So what are you gonna do? Defend every rumor as a great process by Omar?

  12. I didn’t say it was a great process, I said it was irrelevant. If we sign Matsui for 3×30 or something equally ungodly I will be right with you screaming. I just don’t buy Omar will make that mistake. I know, it sounds a lot like Alou of the past so I can’t rule it out completely, but I really do think this is just a nothing that happens all the time on every team and it is only of minor note here because of the name.

    As for Omar himself, I still think he is a decent GM, certainly not the best, but I am worried that when he gets fired sometime next year we will end up worse off because of it. I do believe he will get fired this year because I just don’t think this team is one off season away from being where it should be.

    My other fear here is that Omar will do something stupid this offseason that we will be paying for after he goes next year. I was worried about that last year too and I thought he avoided that last year pretty well.