Halladay: Is this good or bad for baseball?

There’s no question Roy Halladay holds all the cards in this situation. It’s not often that it’s that way, where the player holds the hammer, but Halladay does. The question I have stems from a comment in yesterday’s posts.

Is it bad for baseball for Halladay to go to the Yankees? If your answer is bad, should the commissioner veto the deal?

Bowie Kuhn did so a long time ago, vetoing deals that sent the likes of Vida Blue to the Yankees and Joe Rudi to the Red Sox. He did it under the “best interests in baseball provision” given the commissioner, something that routinely has been ignored since.

20 thoughts on “Halladay: Is this good or bad for baseball?

  1. No, the Yanks are playing by the rules. And Halladay as his right, has the chance to decide where he wants to be traded to, if traded. Charlie O Finley was selling off the parts of the team for money..it isn’t even in the same ballpark as the Blue Jays trading Halladay to the Yankees. I don’t even see where you can compare the two situations since the scenarios are soooo different.

  2. Its not the same as Charley O as Steve O says, but the whoe thing is bad for the game in general. Fewer and fewer teams can even keep a star. It wasn’t that long ago that the Blue Jays signed a guy like clemens. Now they wouldn’t sniff at a big name. The Royals once could keep a George Brett for his whole career, now they won’t keep a guy once he’s eligible for arb. And it was just in the early 90s that the Pirates had Bonds Bonilla and Van Slyke all at the same time. Think you’ll ever see that again. Think there’ll ever be a Big Red Machine again? Maybe a big RedSock machine. Other sports have been able to keep all their teams competitive, but not baseball.

  3. I agree the salaries are way out of whack. Not much has really changed though. Yankees domination began in the 1920s. They had the money to pay for Babe Ruth and that was the start. Over the decades, they always Had money to buy players from other teams that werent doing so well, Notably Roger Maris from the A’s. It just became more open in the 1970s with free agency. If the Yankees get Halladay, they are going to be pretty much unbeatable the next few years, and you will be hearing much more of this talk.

  4. Will there be a salary cap? probably not. The players union will strike again before that happens. I have seen some reports that teams like the pirates made a 14mm profit from the league welfare program. If people in pittsburgh still support that ownership they deserve what they get. Mets fans showed them what to do in the late 70s- early 80s- Boycott.

  5. The last word (for now) A salary cap wouldnt help the Mets anyway. The managment the last 40 years has been one of the worst in baseball with the exception of the Cashen regime. This current system should give us an advantage over most teams, but it hasnt.

  6. While I obviously think that the Yankees getting Halladay would be terrible for baseball as a whole, it would be worse for baseball if Selig tried to veto a deal put into place. He might try to nudge things one way or another behind the scenes, but a veto would be insane.

    I just really hope the Jays decide to trade out the division, the baseball fan in me would even accept him going to the Phillies before going to the Yankees even though that would be much worse for my team it would be much better for baseball.

    This all comes in cycles, we have had pretty good parity in baseball recently, but last year the Yankees went and upset the cart again. Of course, the definition of parity in baseball tends to come down to whether or not the Yankees have screwed up enough for other teams to catch up…

  7. (2)Harry: There are also quite a few teams out there who take the revenue sharing and pocket it instead of reinvesting it in their teams. That should also be regulated somehow.

  8. #7, true, but do you really think if the Pirates spent 14 mil more on their team they would be any different than today? And how do you really tie that out, do we say that any team that gets sharing must put 100% of every dollar they make + all of the welfare into their players? I am sure that in Pittsburg they will have some stats that show they are spending more money on their players than they would have if they didn’t get that revenue. And lets not forget some other teams that get it have used that money, Pittsburg and to a lesser extent KC almost cant be used as an example for anything because they are so mismanaged you could give them 150 mil budget and they would still lose 100 games.

  9. Is there any particular reason why Toronto can’t become a “big market” city? It’s a pretty good size city and a lot of Canada’s population is in the Ontario are. They were the first franchise to draw 4 million in the early 1990s. The hockey team is fabulously wealthy.
    It is not a great situation for baseball but it also happens in other sports. Kobe Bryant told the Charlotte Hornets he wasn’t going to play for them and he was traded to Los Angeles. Eli Manning told the San Diego Chargers he was just not into them and they sent him to the swamplands of New Jersey.

  10. Comparing Hockey in Toronto to the Baseball team is like asking why the NY Soccer team doesn’t have more money because the Yankees are rich.

    There is a lot of this in other leagues, but it is a LOT better in those other leagues. Charlotte was a mess and so that is very similar, but they still can compete they were just poorly managed. Eli and San Diego had a lot more to do with endorsements and personal preference than competitiveness and money.

    Kind of hard to come up with an argument that MLB is not the worst in this area in comparison to NFL/NBA.

  11. (9) Yep, another great move by Omar pans out. But who cares, he wouldn’t have signed the two draft picks anyway. AAARRRGH!!!

  12. 12. You are right Steve. He made it clear he wasnt interested in setting up. He wants francos save record for lefty relievers. The one he should have kept he traded, the one he should have traded he kept. Add it to the list.

  13. I am in between on the Wagner deal, I was really worried he would take arbitration myself. It is funny how quickly desire to play can go away when it comes to the $$$. I would have preferred to keep him too, but we will have to see what else happens.

    I was a little surprised Wagner got Type A status, out the entire year and pretty terrible for the Sox I thought I was surprised he gets Type A.

  14. (14)James: 22 K’s in 13 innings with a 1.98 ERA and a 1.09WHIP is not “pretty terrible” It’s actually pretty darn good.

  15. Another thing about the fairness of the Halladay situation is that this time there is enough competition for him between the Angels, Red Sox, Phills, and Yankees that him being traded to the Yanks would not be about salary. They have to compete with the packages of players that other teams would have to offer. Fortunate for the Yankees though that they do have talent to offer in Joba/Hughes/Jackson/ etc. Any package starting with Hughes or Joba the Mets could never beat.

  16. All the contracts are bad for baseball. What is the avg contract these days? 3 million i think.

    three million for a run of the mill major league player. After 2 years neither you nor your children ever have to work again.

    It takes away incentive, etc.

    Now from the players perspective, the more you give the more i get. Great for them.

    The players today do not play well. Yet they get paid handsomely. Yes it is bad for the game.

    Every year the yanks increase the offer. this forces others to follow.

    baseball is a monopoly. congress gave them that. I do not have a solution other than to increase the penalties for going over budget. The yanks have no problem paying because they make the most.

    contracts with the japanese or others that trade on the yankee legacy. no one can match that. they have the yes network, etc.

    with all the revenue and the ability to pay the politicians to give them millions to pay for free rail and road access, extra police and a free ride on the stadium, they have a lot of cash to play with.

  17. For those who havent heard, the yankees have the highest paid first baseman, shortstop, third baseman, starting pitcher, relief pitcher and catcher. Maybe soon they will have the top two paid starting pitchers. Its a microcosm of our country today. the rich are getting not just richer, but getting it all.

  18. so wags signs with atlanta.

    the red sox get 2 picks. what did we get? some guy who most likely never play in queens.

    we had a few supplemental picks a year ago or so. wasnt ike one of the guys we got?

  19. 7. Agree completely Steve O. A salary cap system with a minimum payroll as well as a maximim cap is needed.