Mets bring back Cora ….

Sorry for the late post on this. The Mets will bring back Alex Cora to a one-year, $2 million contract for the 2010 season with a vested club option for 2011.

Which means if he plays as much as he did last year, a contract would kick in for the 2011 season. Because of the Jose Reyes injury, Cora played far more than the Mets anticipated when they signed him. He’s a great clubhouse presence by all accounts, a professional Reyes and others can learn from.

They can learn from him because he’s 34 years old.

I like, and I don’t like, this move. The Mets would have had to get a utility infielder anyway, so they might as well bring back somebody who has been productive for them. That’s the plus side.

On the down side, what really would have been the demand for Cora next winter? Had he not been given the option, I’m sure the Mets could have brought him back for 2011. It’s basically a two-year deal, something that didn’t work out with Moises Alou and Orlando Hernandez.

In a prepared statement, Cora said: “I am excited about coming back. We have a lot to prove as a team after what happened last year. As for me personally, there is unfinished business. I was hurt a great deal of the time and I really wasn’t able to perform like I know I can. I’m healthy now and I can’t wait to get to spring training. We all have something to prove.”

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13 thoughts on “Mets bring back Cora ….

  1. The 2 million seems a bit much, but there is a premium to pay to bring a player to play in Queens. We need a utility player and we could do worse than Cora.

  2. I didn’t see this when I posted my thoughts on Cora…So I will copy them here for universal criticism…..
    the Met front office showed their total stupidity again. With teams about to non tender in a week or so, the Mets rush to sign Cora for 2 million bucks and then give an absolute nobody like Coste a deal with a spot on the 40 man roster. Meanwhile, they don’t have a clue about what younger and possibly equal or more talented players are going to hit the market. But they sign two guys with little talent ahead of non tender time. What’s up Omar? Were you afraid the big market teams were suddenly going to start a bidding war on Chris Coste. And why not a minor league deal for him Omar? I’m sure of 30 teams only one would have given him a 40 man roster spot. The rest would say, Sure Coste come to Spring Training. You can even write a sequel to your first book. You can call it How a 38 year never was hoodwinked the Met brass!

  3. Yes, Chiti is the man. About Cora, Im ok with it. The mets need a good insurance policy for Reyes and Castillo. He showed us grit and toughness last year playing with 2 bad thumbs. Could you imagine the pain that must have caused? especially when getting jammed? I think the main reason he is back is to be an example to some of the other players on how to play the game the right way and maybe take Valintins role of elder statesman and counselor to Reyes.

  4. Heyman reports Schnieder signs with the Phils for their back up job. Like Coste, Schnieder is a Phillie fan too.

  5. I think we should just close this thread with Harry’s post. It describes everything that is wrong with Omar Minaya as a General Manager.

  6. (5) For the people who don’t know what Ray meant by the Coste being a Phillie fan comment, here it is from the horse himself:

    “In an interview with CSN in Philadelphia, Coste said of signing with the Mets:

    “It’s the last team I ever saw myself playing for. I knew I was going to accept it, but had to think about it for a few days… It wasn’t my choice to leave Philly… I never wanted to leave Philadelphia, I will always consider myself a Phillie.”

  7. (8) Kinda reminds me of the days of Richie Hebner in 1979 who absolutely hated NY and the idea of playing for the Mets.

  8. I like Cora. When he got hurt we rolled out a bunch of players who had no business playing major league baseball. These were not rookie mistakes, just mistakes by backup players who no longer had the skills to play.

    When he came back the infield stopped being an adventure.

    I like that he played hurt and sacrificed for the team. I am not sure he is worth 2 million tho.

    I agree with Harry’s post about the timing of signing these peripheral players and about getting younger which has been a problem for some time now.

  9. Thanks for Coste quote guys. Now I understand why Omar just had to give him a major league deal. Nothing like paying guys extra to come and play for a team they don’t want to pay for. Just think the stupid Yankees pay extra for bums like Sabathia and Texeira, and we pay extra for great writers like Chris Coste.

  10. Nothing against Cora as a person, but bringing him back makes little sense. Paying Cora $2M makes less sense, as utility infielders are a dime a dozen.
    Come late July, he’ll probably be dealt to a contending team.
    And now we’re also supposed to be excited because the Mets are talking to Elmer Dessens and Henry Blanco and signed Chris Coste to a deal?