Men on Base …. Notes

As expected, the Mets did not offer arbitration to Carlos Delgado, Fernando Tatis, JJ Putz, Marlon Anderson and Gary Sheffield.

There was no way they were going to do Delgado, who could have come away with a $12 million deal had he accepted. That would have been just dumb.

Not that the Mets had a chance at trading for him anyway, but Roy Halladay says he won’t approve a deal after spring training. That means, in order to get prospects instead of compensatory draft picks, the Blue Jays better push it now or have him walk after next year. This can only mean a bidding war between the Red Sox and Yankees. He will not fall back to the pack the way Johan Santana did and was snatched by the Mets.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting the Braves will not offer arbitration to first baseman Adam LaRoche, who would represent an upgrade at first base for the Mets. Don’t hold your breath on that one, either, as LaRoche would want at least three years while the Mets want to give one, maybe two years, because they are keeping the job open for Ike Davis.

Jason Marquis was offered arbitration by the Rockies, making it likely he’ll stay in Colorado. He had been on the Mets’ radar. Also on their radar is catcher Rod Barajas, who was offered arbitration by Toronto.

Tampa Bay acquired catcher Kelly Shoppach from the Indians. Shoppach could have been a platoon for Omir Santos. Shoppach means the Rays could look to deal catcher Dioner Navarro, once a hot Yankees prospect.

7 thoughts on “Men on Base …. Notes

  1. At last we are seeing some action. I dont think Delgado will be back. An AL team in need of a DH will probably give him more guaranteed money than the Mets will offer. That big bat will be missed.

  2. I’d rather gamble on Delgado’s bat than on Daniel Murphy at first base.
    So…the Mets want to get younger and more athletic…
    So that’s why they’re going hard after…
    Bengie Molina?
    The same Bengie Molina who’d have a hard time scoring from third on a home run?
    The Mets want to improve their pitching staff…
    Pitching coach Dan Warthen is retained after his staff issues more walks than any other in the NL?
    And the first free agent pitcher the Mets talk to is…
    Elmer Dessens?
    With the biggest needs for improvement clearly defined as the starting rotation, left field, first base, second base and catcher, the Mets first off-season move is…
    Re-signing a journeyman utility infielder?
    How long until newly-appointed front office official Wayne Krivsky replaces Omar Minaya at the helm of the Titanic?

  3. Gil, to be fair Omar likes to cover his bases early on with a candidate that can fill the role before he starts targeting his main quarry in the off season. He has done this every year and this will be no different (and he has certainly still been able to bring in the big names afterwords).

    I agree that there is very little chance about Roy, but I disagree that this affects it much. If it affects it at all I think it might help the Mets as the Yankees and Red Sox are more likely to play hardball with the Jays knowing they are up against a wall.

  4. BTW, how bad for baseball would it be for Roy to go to the Yankees? I am sorry, that should almost be barred from being even possible. If that happens I honestly think there will be fans turned off on the game. The Yankees just won the WS after spending what a half a billion dollars this offseason and then go out and add Roy Holladay this off season? I guess next they get Greinke too?