Delgado decision today …. what should they do?

DELGADO: Won't likely offer arbitration.

DELGADO: Won't likely offer arbitration.

Today is the deadline for teams to offer salary arbitration to their own free agents. Doing so enables them to receive draft pick compensation if the players signs with another team. OK, that’s the good news.

The bad news is the player might accept, and in the case of Carlos Delgado, he might accept and the Mets could be on the hook for up to $12 million, which is what he made last year. If I’m Delgado, I accept in a heartbeat because right now, with his injury history and age they won’t be lining up for him.

Another player is Fernando Tatis, who had some good moments with the Mets, but not enough to where he is a “must sign.”

If the Mets don’t offer arbitration and they become free agents, the team can try to re-sign them for a lower cost. Good luck in that. If Delgado proves he’s healthy playing in the Puerto Rican winter league, he’ll get a decent contract.

Should the Mets offer arbitration and risk taking back an aged player with an injury history or should they move on?

ON DECK: Mets bring back Alex Cora later this morning.

10 thoughts on “Delgado decision today …. what should they do?

  1. I don’t think the Mets take the risk of offering Delgado arbitration, too big a risk he will take it especially in this market. Tatis is a better risk IMO as we could probably use him on the bench.

    If we don’t offer arbitration don’t we have to wait until spring or something to sign them?

    I as posting to your Cora thread when you deleted it btw :)

  2. I hope they do not offer arbitration.
    Tatis can go.
    I’m not opposed to Delgado coming back, but ONLY on an incentive laden deal.
    With arbitraiton, he would no doubt get a raise over his last year salary, and that would be a mistake.

  3. 1. There’s no longer restrictions on signing a guy if you don’t offer arb. The Mets aren’t offering arb to Delgado.

    More importantly, the Met front office showed their total stupidity again. With teams about to non tender in a week or so, the Mets rush to sign Cora for 2 million bucks and then give an absolute nobody like Coste a deal with a spot on the 40 man roster. Meanwhile, they don’t have a clue about what younger and possibly equal or more talented players are going to hit the market. But they sign two nothings ahead of non tender time. what’s up Omar? Were you afraid the big market teams were suddenly going to start a bidding war on Chris Coste. And why not a minor league deal for him Omar? I’m sure of 30 teams only one would have given him a 40 man roster spot. The rest would say, Sure Coste come to Spring Training. You can even write a sequel to your first book. You can call it How a 38 year never was hoodwinked the Met brass!

  4. 4. To make it worse, Chiti, Coste was quoted as saying in his heart he will always be a philly. The Flushing faithfull will just love this guy if he ever gets that far. btw, I think today is the deadline to offer contracts.

  5. not for 12 mil.

    what was tatis making last year? he is a useful player, but we dont need to get him back.

    I agree with Harry on these recent signings. I like Cora. Not sure if he is worth 2 bils tho.

  6. dave (5): The vested option year doesn’t make sense. I doubt there would have been much competition for him after next season. If nothing else, make it strictly a club option.-JD

  7. john(6)

    i agree. one year deal.

    but omar is really santa claus. he gives because it makes him feel better.

    he gave castillo 4 years. he gave 0llie 12 a year when he was worth maybe 8. he gave Alou 2 years, etc.

  8. Why not bring Delgado back on a one-year, incentive-laden deal, with a mutual option for ’09?