Would you empty the shelves for Miguel Cabrera?

The name stares at you from the computer screen. Miguel Cabrera.

CABRERA: Should the Mets take his baggage?

CABRERA: Should the Mets take his baggage?

The Detroit Tigers, in a payroll cutting-mode, will listen to offers for the enigmatic first baseman. This guy would fill a lot of holes for the Mets. He’d take care of first base for the next six seasons and provide a potent right-handed bat.

But, he won’t come without a price.

In 2010, Cabrera will be entering the third year of an eight-year, $152.3 million deal. Here’s the breakdown: $20 million the next two seasons; $21 million in 2012 and 2013; and $22 million in 2014 and 2015.

That’s a lot, but he posts a lot of numbers. Last year he hit .324 with 34 homers and 103 RBI and finished fourth in the AL MVP voting.

In addition to the money, the Mets would probably have to empty the shelves in their prospect cupboard.

If you’re talking about the Mets making a splash, this would be an example. However, another obstacle for the staid Mets is his potential for making a splash on the back pages of the tabs. Cabrera is a hot head, both in the clubhouse – remember his shoving incident with Scott Olson in the dugout at Shea? – and got into a fight with his wife at the end of last season.

I don’t really see it because the team linked to Cabrera on the rumor mill is Boston, but it’s interesting to speculate. That kind of talent is something the Mets desperately need.

19 thoughts on “Would you empty the shelves for Miguel Cabrera?

  1. His bat is awesome. The only question is would he be able to play the field that many years. He is very big and he looks like he is not in great condition. I wouldn’t hold his shouting match with Olson against him. Olson seems to have his head screwed on wrong as well. The fight with his wife however, is a different story and a good reason to pass.

  2. First off, He was pulled over with a .25 alcohol reading just 13 hours before the next to last game of the season. Second, If the Mets were to make a trade it would cost them Ike and more. Never mind his fattness, I dont trade Ike for anybody right now. Just sign Holliday and keep what little prospects you have, Omar.

  3. Harry (1) Why are so many athletes abusive to their wives and girlfriends – or, is it endemic throughout society? In any case, I would pass on them, too.

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  5. Harry (1): The fight with his wife bothers me, too. Speaking with fighting your spouse, I wonder if the public perception of Tiger Woods will change any.-JD

  6. Ray (2): In your scenario, they keep their prospects. He’s not a Gold Glover by any stretch, but I wonder if anybody has thought of making Holliday a first baseman.-JD

  7. Annie (3): I don’t believe the percentage of athletes abusing their wives is any greater than in any other segment of society. The same goes with drug use.-JD

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  9. Not really interested in getting Cabrera. A great hitter but I think he will get old real fast.

  10. 7. Delcos, I have seen this guy over the years. He is one of the best hitters I have ever seen. But as you say, he is not good in the field, and has outside issues. Holliday is also a very good hitter and can be had without giving up prospects. Will cost about the same. Fills a hole in LF, its a no-brainer to me.

  11. 3/8. Agree with Delcos. The only difference is that if the guy who manages Mcdonalds does it, you’ll never hear about it.
    Sadecki: You know I prefer prospects to get a chance. But if this guy didn’t have issues I’d make the exception. Young like Santana was when they got him, the chances of Ike Davis ever hitting for the average and power of this guy are between extremely thin and none. If Delcos had said Gonzalez vice Cabrera, I’d kiss Mr Davis goodbye, and thank him for getting me a young superstar.

  12. 12Chiti, I assume you are referring to Adrian. It would cost more than Ike to get him. Alot more, and if he is available there are plenty of teams with more and better prospects to give (Red Sox for one) also, He will soon be looking for a new contract in 20mm range. How many players can you give that kind of money to? Please go read that Phillips article on the attitudes thread. You cant have continued success without some homegrown stars.

  13. 13. Your points are sound Sadecki, but the opportunity to get a real star is rare, especially when entering the prime of his baeball life, not the end of it. Gonzalez, unlike David Wright, made no adjustments in his big stadium, and hits most o fhis HRs away but by showing baseball smarts, he keeps his numbers overall. He won’t go down to 12 HRs because he is psyched out by dimensions. Also, most of the prospects, if not all won’t be anything close to a star. Even the new Mets hottie propsect Davis, his numbers weren’t overwheling, One good year after one terrible year is all he has so far. I don’t like giving up prospects for average players like the Mets did with some prospects, but when you can empty the farm for a real star, a young star, I’m OK with it. I wouldn’t do it for the older Halladay in Toronto because you’ll pay for his deterioration as he approached 40, I wouldn’t do it for a Church, but I’d do it for Gonzalez.
    As for how many 20 million guys can you afford? I’m not privy to the probably miskept books of the Wilpons so I can’t answer. As for your guy Holiday, I’d have no problems getting him off the FA market either. He is an excellent hitter and obviously saves all the kids. I merely brought up Gonzalez as an alternative and better first baseman to trade for than the guy Delcos brought up in his post.

  14. (14) Harry: Great post. You’re making me rethink how all out I would go for the chance to trade for hALLAday. (That one was for Sadecki. lol)

  15. If we could make a deal as a true salary cutting deal where we didn’t have to empty our minor leagues for him I would go for it. If I had to trade the full allotment of talent for him I have no interest. The last couple years of that deal are going to be a killer, and he isn’t the perfect fit for our wild throwing infield with the glove.

    Now Adrian Gonzalez is a completely different question and that I would trade quite a bit for in the right deal

  16. 16. I realy don’t get. Beating up one’s significant other is a criminal offense that many get away with because of fear and because DA’s hate to prosecute one person’s word versus another’s cases. It is an act of supreme cowardice to beat on one who is most likely much weaker. For a team to go out of their way to get a guy like that is terrible and terrible PR. Its bad enough when you have contractual obligations of 10-20 million that you can’t get rid of, but to go get that kind of criminal is just wrong. If that’s what the Mets need to win then screw them. Don’t get Cabrera, don’t sign Brett Myers etc. The guy should be in prison, not in a Mets dugout. After he’s done his time then sign him if you want him.
    So many don’t want the roids guys, and so many wanted Michael Vick banned for life even though he went to jail and did his time, but its ok to kick the crap out of a helpless human being? Gimme a break.