Of course he would ….

Roy Halladay said he would waive his no-trade clause to pitch for the Yankees. He’d probably to the same to pitch for the Red Sox. Either way, that’s not encouraging news to the Mets if they were banking on the Blue Jays being reluctant to deal within the division.

The Blue Jays, it seems, are willing to deal with the Yankees and Red Sox. Throw in the Phillies, Dodgers and Angels, and there are five teams better than the Mets with the resources to make a trade. I was never banking on Halladay to begin with, but this should end that kind of talk.

If the Mets are going to add a pitcher, it will be a middle-tier arm, and FA is the way to go so they don’t have to give up prospects.

Halladay isn’t coming here, and neither is Lackey. The Mets will be lucky to get a guy like Jason Marquis.

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  1. Bob Klapish wrote a very good article on foxsports.com. He says the Mets need to stop acting as if they are one player away and start rebuilding now. They only have one legitimate prospect in thier system, Ike Davis. I am coming around to this kind of thinking. Instead of trading the few good prosects they have, they need to focus on rebuilding the organinzation from the bottom up. Omar has destroyed the farm system hiring his friends to run it into the ground. Getting rid of him cant happen too fast for me.

  2. Ray (1): Klap is usually on top of things and for the most part I agree with him on this one. I do believe there’s more than one prospect, but not too many more. They are by no means one player away.-JD

  3. 1. Great post sadecki. i liked the article as well. People used the Expos poverty as an excuse for Omar having nothing in Montreal but what they had pre-Omar was a great farm with talent galore. He gave them away but wasn’t good enough to even get propsects in return. He has destroyed the Mets farm as well. He doen’t have a clue how to develop a steady org. He thinks he gets a stud and he’s done. It worked one year but two of the studs already there were from the old regime. He doesn’t even have devent two-three week fillins to use when guys get hurt. He had to go outside the org to get stars like Valedez and Anderson Hernandez jst t field a team.

  4. Thank you, Chiti. I can still remember the times I defended Omar to you. I liked the way he brought in those star players. There was no way to really track his minor league management until the last year or so. I would still like to see them get Matt Holliday as he is young enough to be a part of the core for years to come and he will only cost a second round pick and money. I think Jeff Wilpon has figured it out. Getting Collins, a good baseball man and an outsider to be the minor league coordinator is a very good sign. As is bringing Backman and tuefel back into the organization. Check out the article on Steve phillips. there is a link on the attitudes thread. Truly scary. Its a miracle the Mets have had the little success they have had since Cashen left. Every GM has been terrible.

  5. 5. Agree, nothing wrong with getting Holliday. But bringing in these new guys only costs a year of revamping. The extension was a mistake and keeping him on board because of it was another mistake. Minaya should have been gone the moment Jeffy realized that after 5 years Minaya had nobody on the farm ready to even be a sub.

  6. 8. Chiti, you must have went to public school. I saw you posted on another website the word gaing in reference to sheffield. The thing about Omar is that he is irrelvent now. Jeffys calling the shots and so far its been positive. If he brings in a GM from the outside like Towers and gives him control I can see a bright future in Metland.

  7. JD, still waiting for an answer to my question on post 3. If you were a GM from another team, what prospects would you take from the Mets to beat out what many other teams can offer?

  8. Another thing, John since you asked I will give you some suggestions on how to better your site.

    1. Be more involved in it. when your posters are carrying your blog, there is a problem. Even though you at least put up a new thread every day, it would be nice to see your interaction more.

    2. Give us more info on how the players in the fall and now winter leagues are doing. I know that Fmart is back playing I would like to see his progress. Same with any other players.

    3. I saw another website that did a player by player analysis of every player from last year. Maybe you could offer us your opinions.

    4. bring back the Mets history items. Now it can be trades made on this day. Whatever.

    5. John, you need to keep this board fresh, I know its thanksgiving weekend, but you need more regular posters here. Try to write the informative articles you did a few months ago and network with other bloggers.

    6. Hope it helps I like the blog but want to see it grow.

  9. Ray (10): By all accounts Jenrry Mejia (RP), Wilmer Flores (SS), Davis (1B) and Brad Holt (RH) are all top prospects. I have to put F-Mart (OF) in that group because GM’s are always asking Omar about him. … According to Baseball America, the top ten Mets prospects also include Jon Niese (LH), Josh Thole (C), Reese Havens (2B/SS), Juan Urbina (LH) and Ruben Tejada (2B/SS).-JD

  10. Ray (11): All VERY GOOD ideas. I sincerely thank you and will try to incorporate them ASAP. … Ray, you’ve been very supportive and loyal to me and the blog and I take what you say very seriously. I will do my best to get those ideas in the works. Thank you.-JD

  11. 12. Mejia posted an over 12 era in the az fall league. Fmart is a 21 year old injury machine. all the others you name have lost stock in the last year.

    13. Always glad to help.

  12. Ray (14): Mejia is young and raw. Give him a chance. He still throws the hell out of the ball. That arm makes him a prospect. … And, GMs are always asking about F-Mart, so he’s of interest. … This is the best the Mets have to offer in the minors. But, for the most part it is the low minors. Obviously, none are ready for the majors now. Some not even ready for Triple-A. We’ll more about most of these guys after this season.-jD

  13. 15. I thought you were impartial John. Every club has lots of hard throwers. That dont mean jack. When every player your team sends to the AFL sucks against good minor league comptetion except Davis what does that tell you? Check the stats, man. Asking about Fmart? yeah but hes not getting anyting good in return at this point. One more injury and he is worthless for trade purposes.

  14. I flunked typing Sadecki. I used a lot ofwhite out in school. Most of the posters here think white out is when everyone wears white at a football game.

  15. Tiger is caught in an ‘unplayable lie’.

    It was bound to happen. Another rich – very rich – sportsman has gone astray of mainstream behavior and is hiding behind his employees/lawyers/staff who have always protected him from the People, the Police, and the Press. Why do they need to know what happened?

    First because it is the people’s money which has created much of the wealth of Mr. Woods through his tournaments and the marketing of his clothing, clubs etc.; second because the Florida Highway Police are involved – and no one should delay talking to them; and lastly because if the press doesn’t get the truth from Mr. Woods, they will write a story anyway – many already have done that.

    The average American doesn’t face these problems, they live within the law. Mr. Woods does too, but at a time like this he needs to prove it. What is at risk here, is his ‘brand’ and that means everything to a celebrity/sportsman.

    Just ask Plaxico.

  16. Harry (19) Thank you – I just couldn’t resist using a real golf term for the situtation Tiger has put himself in – it fits so well.

  17. That is something I have always had an issue with. I don’t think it is right that because “my money” goes to an athlete/star/whatever in mainstream their entire life gets opened up to the world as a part of that pass. Everything Tiger does related to golf for the most part should be fair game, public knowledge stuff like the fact that he has family, his kids and stuff I can get. And anything he willingly puts out there all should be fair game.

    Arguments with his wife? An affair that he might have had? This is not something that should be fodder for the entertainment news “media” as they would be today.

    So I can kind of understand Tiger’s reluctance here. Of course, in the end he is going to have to give his story to the police same as anyone else, only anyone else wouldn’t have his entire details of everything that happened broadcast to the entire world as a result…

  18. 21. Disagree. Tiger Woods has no problem doing commercials for this that and the other thing. One of the things that makes him able to sell is a goody goody image. When you refuse to talk to the cops (mandatory or not) about what happened and you refuse to do more than a statement written by your employees to your fans who have supported you for years, then you deserve all you get because you think of yourself as above the rest of us. Tiger Woods has been left alone a lot more than guys like A Rod who had cameramen following him around on road trips to catch him with a girl. I didn’t hear anyone upset with his private life being invaded. If he would have talked to the cops right away like 99% of people would have done if they had nothing to hide, this would have been a two day event, overshadowed by Heinz Ward trashing Ben Rothlisberger. But since he thinks he doesn’t have to talk about an accident to the cops much less his followers, I say he is going to deserve all the harrasment he’s going to get for quite a while.