Hot Stove to heat up ….

Thanks Annie and Ray for the kind words yesterday. I hope you all had a happy holiday with your family and friends.

WRIGHT: Will he get his HR swing back?

WRIGHT: Will he get his HR swing back?

The day after Thanksgiving should be pretty quiet. I’m figuring things will heat up at the beginning of next week on into the winter meetings in Indianapolis, starting Dec. 7.

I don’t believe the Mets will be as aggressive as Jeff Wilpon lead us to believe after the season or as many of you want them to be. I also don’t think they’ll be totally stagnant, either, as even they know another season like next year won’t fly.

They can’t and shouldn’t be thinking a healthy return of the injured will be enough, because it won’t be.

Assuming they don’t do anything and everybody is healthy and has just an average season, I can see a .500 finish. Maybe, 85 wins, but that’s not nearly enough.

Looking at the roster now, here’s what I see:

1) CATCHER: A hole. Omir Santos and a veteran-to-be named later.
2) FIRST: Daniel Murphy and a right-handed bat to be named later.
3) SECOND: They aren’t dealing Luis Castillo, so quit dreaming.
4) SHORTSTOP: Hopefully, a healthy return of Jose Reyes.
5) THIRD: David Wright, hopefully the one who hits homers.
6) LEFT: A hole. A big hole. Angel Pagan isn’t the answer.
7) CENTER: Carlos Beltran. That he returned at the end of last season was a good sign.
8) RIGHT: They sign Jeff Francoeur.
9) BULLPEN: They need a set-up man and some depth. Francisco Rodriguez’s health might surface as an issue.
10) ROTATION: Same of story. Massive questions after Johan Santana.

10 thoughts on “Hot Stove to heat up ….

  1. If they are going to sign another retread like Dye to play left, I would rather see if what pagan showed in his half year was real. Never mind What I said about 2 players being under a cloud, most of the team is. As you say nobody knows what to expect after Santana in the rotation. Frankie had a bad second half etc. Maybe they would be better off waiting a year to see what they have and focus on 2011. A big free agent class including Joe Mauer will be available then and they will have a better idea of what thier top minor leaguers can do. That being said, Its not been Minayas MO so far and Wilpon has already commited to spending money this offseason. We shall see.

  2. I think you all know my take at this point..unless they are bringing in a game changer (ex: Halladay,) then I think tweaking at the platoon 1b, platoon C like you said above is the way to go and wait on 2011. Francouer is arbitration elligible so I can see them going that way or signing him to a one year deal. Like I said on another thread, if Omar signs him to anything else but a one year deal, he should be fired on the spot. I would be shocked to see them be able to trade Castillo as well.

  3. 2. Steve, I like Halladay too. Hes the only FA I really like, but they are going to have to overspend to get him. Hes a very good ballplayer, but if your starting rotation is a mess what sense does it make to make a huge commitment on a hitter? I have been dreaming of Mauer since the news came out hes not re-signing in Minny. Save the money for him. He could be our next Piazza.

  4. Mauer would be a wonderful guy to get but look across the boroughs and you smell a spot for him in the Bronx with Posada older than most catchers ever are while still playing, and no successor in sight.
    On a larger scale baseball, in the long run, seems to me to be finished as a serious sport. The top free agents are limited to signing with Bos, NY, NY, PHI CHI and LA (maybe SF) and now it seems that the other teams won’t even keep a guy when he becomes arbitration eligible. Itt sounds like a record non tender year coming up. So if 75% of the teams will only have guys in their first 3 years or guys desperate to sign at the minimum you might as well contract to one 8 team league because the rest of the teams don’t even care.

  5. 6. Chiti, I fear the Yankees getting Mauer too. They do have a catching prospect who Ive been seeing in trade rumors, so lets hope. Tampa making the WS last year still shows that small market teams can make it, but its getting harder I agree. The other teams just cant pay one player $20mm a year.

  6. Harry (6): I desperately want to argue with you on this one, but I can’t. I can’t because for many of the teams winning isn’t an option. The idea is to be competitive to keep the turnstiles clicking. Many of the teams that get money from the revenue sharing off the luxury tax use the money for profit, but not for the investing in new players. …. I really want Mauer to re-sign with Minnesota because that’s what’s good for baseball. Like you and Sadeki, I fear he’ll end up in the Bronx. … I can say he’ll go there because of the Yankee Stadium short porch and to stay in the familiar league. True to a small degree. What speaks loudest is the Yankees will give him a salary that is probably 25 percent of the Twins’ payroll.-JD

  7. Do you want to know how arrogant the Yankee fan is? I have one friend telling me that baseball couldnt survive without the yankees. And that was before #27! Oh, how I hate the Yankees! a pox on them and all thier fans!!
    Lets get a salary cap, then we will see how great they are.

  8. Ray (9): I wouldn’t go as far as your friend, but they are important. Interleague play routinely shows that when they sell out all their road games. … For many teams, they Yankee series represents a windfall, the only time all year they sell out their stadiums. … What gets me most about the Yankees, and this came after covering them for eight years was the sense of entitlement from their fans. … They are good, give them that, but their fan base is pretty obnoxious.-JD