If I’m Omar ….

If I am Omar Minaya, then I’m taking Jeff Wilpon at his word in his postseason press conference in which he said the Mets would be aggressive in both the FA and trade markets. If I am Omar, I know my job is at stake this season so I’m not holding anything back.

MINAYA: Will it be another head scratching summer?

MINAYA: Will it be another head scratching summer?

I’ve been writing the Mets would be conservative, but in reality they shouldn’t. As a general manager, Minaya’s responsibilities are to the present and future. However, that’s under normal circumstances. This isn’t a normal time for the Mets.

The Mets need to win right away for Minaya to keep his job, that means dramatic improvement. He doesn’t have the luxury of waiting for the prospects to develop. By the time they do, Minaya might be gone.

Minaya has to think that way, as being prudent and his job security aren’t mutually compatible. If trading F-Mart this winter makes the Mets better next summer, that’s something Minaya needs to act upon, because next summer could be his last.

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  1. Frankly, I’ve had it with the Wilpons’ words.

    All they talk about is the past – have you heard about the return of the uniforms of the 1960’s Mets? I’ll only accept them if they come with the original players

    Seriously, it’s quite apparent that the Wilpon’s are stalling and faking during this off season – is that their new game?

  2. I still think it’s all about 2011. There isn’t one free agent I think that is worthy of having the bank broken for them. They need a return to health and maybe the addition of Randy Wolf to the rotation and you have the makings of a solid ballclub. Then in 2011 you get Ike Davis, F-Mart, and hopefully Reese Havens ready to significantly contribute on the major league level. If it sounds to you like i’m giving up on 2010..well, not really because I think a few tweaks is what the team needs. But I do think they’ll be in a much better position to contend in 2011.

  3. As an aside to Minaya, an attitude like you ask for which is to have him do whatever he needs to do to save his job, can put the Mets back into the depths of the late 70’s and early 80’s. It is an awful awful proposition JD. You can absolutely destroy a franchise like that.

  4. To: JD and everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    To: Annie
    Please relax a bit. I saw your last post at NYT Bats and today’s up top and I understand the anger but baseball’s off season has changed.

    Nothing major or minor for that fact is going to happen for the most part until after December 12. This is the Non-Tender deadline for arbitration eligible players.

    This may add an additional 30 players to free agency. A few that could be better than anything available right now.

    No GM wants to make a big move until they know all their options.

    I could be wrong but don’t expect much till around mid December.

  5. 2. Steve, But as JD points out Omar is walking a tightrope and the Wilpons know they are going to have to make a splash this winter to sell tickets. I think they will make a strong run for Holliday or Bay as a fallback. I could see them shipping out fmart. No sense keeping the LF spot for him anymore. I would add Thole to the list of young players we may see as a starter in 2011.

  6. (5)I’m not sure what kinda splash they really need to make to sell tickets. Outside of acquiring Halladay or Albert Pujols I don’t consider Holliday or Lackey a splash. As far as F-Mart goes, we all seem to forget that he is only 20 years old. It’s just that he has been with the organization for so many years and had injury troubles, that some people want him gone. I’ll make my case for keeping him:

    1. Beltran only has two years left on his contract. Who knows if he’ll re-sign or still be able to play center?

    2. Francouer is no lock to keep the right field job. If Omar does something stupid like sign him to an extension, he should be fired on the spot.

    3. The “kid” is only 20 years old and even though he had only 186 AB’s in AAA, did slugg .540 which is exceptional. It wasn’t his fault that he was rushed to the majors.

    4. Because of his injury history with a recent one happening, his trade value is not at the high point, IMO where it should be.

    I just think without him getting a full season in the minors to prove himself healthy and ready to contribute, the Mets will be making a huge mistake to trade him anywhere.

  7. 6. I disagree that he was rushed. It just seems that way because he missed so much time due to injury. As you mentioned his high slugging pct. in AAA suggested he was ready. Alou was supposed to be keeping the spot warm for him. How long ago does that seem? I am not suggesting to give him away for nothing. Hopefully he can get off to a hot start next year and can be used as a chip to bring in a top flight pitcher or fill some other need.

  8. 7. I don’t know how you can say the kid wasn’t rushed thru the system. I think you’re brainwashed into thinking that the way the Mets fast track their prospects is the way that most teams do it. They don’t unless they proved that they can have huge success and dominate the minors. F-Mart’s stats don’t show that. His stats just showed potential. The Mets deemed him ready because of their poor minor league depth.

  9. The point isnt whether he was rushed or not. He would have gotten injured if he was in Queens or Buffalo. Thats what he does. Some fans never want to see a highly touted prospect traded. I have seen too many who have not lived up to thier press clippings. Going into the 1996 season the Mets had 9 out of the top 100 prosepects according to the Sporting News including #1 Paul Wilson. Also in the group were the other 2 generation K guys, Alex ochoa, Butch Huskey, Rey Ordonez, Jay Payton and Octavio Dotel I forgot who #9 was. Out of this group, how many became stars? Only Izzy had a better than average career IMO. Then a couple of years later there the top prospect in the country, Alex Escobar, who reminds me quite a lot of Fmart, but at least Alex was able to stay healty one year and put up super numbers in the minors.

  10. Scott from Pelham (4)
    Thanks for your post – I appreciate your concern.

    However, I do realize what is going on and I feel that the Wilpons and MLB are not doing all they can to bring the Mets back as a normal team this coming season.

    I also wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving – anyone who hangs around NYT Bats is OK with me.

  11. (9) Yes, they have had many prospects that have not lived up to their hype. But to give up on someone when he is 20 is throwing away potential. Unless he is going to net you a true young superstar, I wouldn’t put him in any deal. If the Tigers were willing to deal Miguel Cabrera..that would be a guy I would deal him for.

  12. 20 yr olds are rarely able to make an impact in the majors. The few that due are the exception. And many times they then fall apart, due to injuries or other issues.

    20 yr olds are usually in AA or maybe AAA.
    and there is more to being ready than OBP and SLG% (and I am kind of a sabermetrics guy)

    Knowing how to field the position is important. Knowing the fundamentals of baseball is important.

    F! was brought up as a CF. Not a lot of time in the corners. So bringing him up to play the corner was a problem, since he lacked experience.
    Plus, the injuries mean he has not played an entire season in the minors. I don’t care how good your stats are, you need at-bats to make sure the stats are not due to a small sample size.

    The problem is his trade value is depressed. This is not the time to trade him.
    The last time Omar trading a depressed value prospect, he got Schneider and Church in return. That didn’t work out so well.
    Let him play winter ball, bring him to ST. Then send him to Buffalo and let Obie manage him for half a season in left before you even think of bringing him to Flushing.

  13. Ed (12): I’m not a supporter of the theory of letting F-Mart start the season in the majors. No way is he ready. … You’re right, Milledge’s value had slipped. Part of it was the Mets rushing him; part was Milledge’s own doing. Either way, we’ll never know what might have been with him. I’d hate for them to stunt F-Mart’s growth. I’d rather have Pagan there if it meant not losing F-Mart’s potential.-JD

  14. Annie (10): It is not MLB’s responsibility to make sure the Mets are a functional and performing team. … The Wilpon’s have spent good money on the Mets as their payroll indicates. It’s not a matter of spending, but productive spending, and that falls with the general manager and his staff. … Jeff Wilpon has influence, but it is in endorsing the deals put in front of him. Wilpon isn’t on the phone with agents and teams trying to swing deals.-JD

  15. Steve (6): All good points in keeping F-Mart. I’m not sure how much F-Mart’s value has dropped, if at all. When teams talk with the Mets they bring up his name, and early in the conversation.-JD

  16. I don’t have a problem with the Millege for Schneider and Church in return. We now have Francore for Church which is an improvement IMO, and while Schneider was far from great, Millege hasn’t done much of anything and I think the Nats got even less for him in their retrade of him.

    We traded Millege at a low value yes, but he has not seen a higher value since. And that has a lot more to do with Lastings than the Mets.

  17. One thing the Mets are very good at is hyping thier minor leaguers. Milledge is a perfect example. Gomez at least they traded him before the league found out he cant hit. The good news is that they hired a new farm director from outside the organization. Maybe he can intsill some basic fundamental skills such as fielding and running the bases to these young players.

  18. (18) The fundamental skills start at the low minors so hopefully Wally will instill those traits that he had in those kids coming up thru the system.

  19. JamesSC (16): I didn’t have a problem with the Milledge trade, either. It says something about Milledge that at his age he’s already with his third organization. There’s something just not right with the guy, and you’re correct, that’s not a reflection on the Mets.-JD

  20. 20. John, The Mets were lucky the Yanks and Sawx begged off. Gomez was the centerpiece and I remember how Omar pumped him up. Its not going to make it easier for them to dangle thier prospects in the future. Reyes and Wright were 5-6 years ago and even they have a cloud above them now. Especially Reyes.

  21. Ray (22): Reyes does have a cloud, which is why I’d be listening to offers if I were the Mets. He’s got an injury history and more than a few are wondering whether he’s topped out.-JD

  22. A sad day in Mets Land as Wilson Valdez has signed a minor league deal with the Fillies. Clearly Omar does not have enough job security to make sound decisions. The Wilpons should give him a 5 year extension on top of the three year deal he now has.
    I watched part of the Game 4 of the 1969 World Series yesterday (and I hope Nancy Seaver has thrown out that awful hat she wore to that game). I think one of the under-appreciated plays of that series was Jerry Grote hustling out of the box on a bloop to left to get a leadoff double in the bottom of the tenth. Not quite sure why Don Buford was playing so deep for a guy with 12 doubles, 3 triples and 6 home runs as he misjudged the ball (and Belanger just missed making a spectacular catch).

  23. 22/23: Yeah the very “injury prone” Jose Reyes…the guy who before last year in the previous four years played in 633 of a potential 648 games…yeah, he is very “injury prone.” Excuse me while I vent but there is no “cloud” over Reyes…the only cloud is over the NY Mets medical staff who screwed him over on an injury that should have taken a minimum of a month to heal. Do you people listen to yourselves? Injury prone? 2712 AB’s in that four year time period. Not to mention he is all of 26 years old. Geez.

  24. So Steve, I guess you are saying you know what to expect from Reyes next year. Its great that he was healthy for four years. The problem is with the other three. Its always the legs and thats what he makes his living with. I know you like to defend the Mets homegrown players, but try to be objective. If player A from another team missed significant time in almost half the years hes played ball wouldnt you say that player has injury issues?

  25. Agree with Steve about keeping Fmart and having him in the system to replace Beltran if he leaves in 2 yesrs or more importantly to replace Franoeur when he reverts to his lesser form.
    Disagree with James SC completely about the Milledge/Morgan trade. Morgan is a great defensive player , a solid lead off guy and a pain in the butt on the field. The Nats record improved dramatically with him in the lineup and fell immediately when Morgan got hurt. Adn the Pirates got even even worse after they recalled Milledge from the minors then they were before they got him.
    And the only cloud over Reyes is the expectations of the Met fan base who wants to have him be ther most perfect player in history, all while they make excuses for all of David Wright’s failings and his deteriorating defense. Met fans have to hate several of their own.

  26. Chiti and Steve, We can pick this up after the holiday. I hope all of you and your families enjoy it and that the Mets will give us an early Christmas present so we can find something new to argue about ;D

  27. 28. Excellent post Sadecki….. For once we are in total agreement!!!!! Enjoy your holiday eveybody.