Que Keith ….

Word is the SNY has reached a deal in principle with Keith Hernandez on a new contract. I obviously haven’t heard them all, but I find it difficult to imagine a better group than Hernandez, Gary Cohen and Ron Darling.

HERNANDEZ: He's coming back. That's great.

HERNANDEZ: He's coming back. That's great.

They provide insight with humor. Of the three, Hernandez comes across as the least polished and at times a bit spacy … but that’s his delight. Yeah, I don’t mind hearing about Hernandez’s travel plans and Cohen busting his chops by saying, “it’s all about you, isn’t it?”

Hernandez is witty and honest and pulls no punches. He’s not afraid to rip the home team, and this year they needed it for sure. That’s honesty and it is rare from team announcers.

What’s best about them is they don’t come across as blatant homers like you get from the team across town. We’re not stupid. We know what we’re watching, and Hernandez doesn’t come across as patronizing or condescending.

9 thoughts on “Que Keith ….

  1. Mets fans are a different breed. We hate homers like Fran Healy and enjoy announcers who as Cosell proclaimed Tells it like it is. I even like it when Keith complains about having to work extra innings. He is the voice of the working man.

  2. 1. Agree but the newest radio guy Hegin is as big a homer guy as anybody working for the Yankees. We’ll probably see a gradual transition as the Wilpons don’t get this one either.

  3. I saw more of Keith during the 80’s when he was patroling the infield at Shea than I do now. Don’t get to see Gary or Ron either because the Mets refuse to deal with Cox Cable, so many Mets fans in Connecticut simply don’t see the games. This has been going on for several years – think the Wilpons care about their fans?
    Think again.

  4. Mex is insightful although I sometimes get the impression he’d rather be someplace else. With Bob Murphy, you always knew he thought heaven was a ballgame. But the Mets do have a better broadcast team than a ballclub. Pujols wins his third MVP as no Mets got a vote. Not even Omir Santos and his short swing. Even the Gnats had Ryan Zimmerman get a vote. A real tribute to Omar Minaya as his extension kicks in.

  5. 4. Sorry Chiti but nobody in the business comes close to John Sterling. Weepy sue is a close second.

  6. 7. Sorry back Sadecki… I can’t argue about Suzy…She is the worst (I hope) but Sterling, as homer as he is, at least has cute names for homers. Hegin is just a boring, dull, unimaginative homer. Plus as the last hire, one does wonder if this is the new wave in Met broadcast history, in which case someday Bob Murphy will come back from baseball heaven or Iowa, as the case may be, and take his plaque off the radio booth door.