Your untouchable Mets ….

If the Mets are reduced to making a Santana-like trade this winter, how big should the package be? With the assumption being the Mets will land somebody good in a deal for prospects, whom from the package should be excluded? F-Mart, Jennry Mejia, Ike Davis, Brad Holt, Mike Pelfrey?

Who stays? Who is your untouchable? Who do you drive to the airport?

11 thoughts on “Your untouchable Mets ….

  1. There are no untouchables.

    I would go get a top flight pitcher. We dont have anyone like that in the minors.

    It is difficult to get that in FA because of who we are.

    It is easier to get a position player. For an historically pitching rich team, we have none.

  2. I have to disagree with dave. The org apparantly has few prospects who are legit prospects. If you keep trading away all of your prospects then you will never get out of the boat of getting everything via free agency. Then you continue to overpay, continue to be too thin to handle injuries, and you can’t develop a long term plan becuase you have nobody coming up who will be cheap for a few years. So while I have no problem trading kids if you get a real star (like Santana) who you will have for several years, you have to have something left behind in the bank to handle future needs, and to give you future paytroll flexibility.

  3. my point is i see no one in the minors i have to keep.

    not that i would empty a bare system, but the right player will give up whatever prospects we need to get them.

    our next prospect who should help is ike. he has done well. strikes out a lot, but i would trade him to get a stud pitcher or position player if i have to.

  4. 3. Fair enough… But do you think any team, even the Bronxites, can field a team without using homegrown players? Even the Yanks ddidn’t pay much this year for Melky, and Hughes and Joba etc. You gotta have the guys who are pre-arbitration elgible. They only come from the farm. The small market teams (I had that term because it is baloney) aren’t trading you a stud who makes minimum salary.

  5. Harry

    I am not advocating abandoning the minors. I have been saying for some time now we need to pay more attention and more $$ making it healthy.

    The question of the day was are there untouchables. My answer is that there are none.

  6. I hold onto F-Mart and Ike Davis. I find it hard to give up on 20 year olds (F-Mart,) that slug .540 in AAA. Any other minor leaguer is expendable in the right trade.

  7. Prospects:

    Fernando Martinez

    anyone else is good to go.

    Though I could be persuaded to move one of the above for Adrian Gonzalez or Roy Halladay

    25 man


    all stay. Carlos and Francisco mostly because their contracts are too big to move anyway, and Beltran has that pesky NTC that many in the MSM seem to forget exists.

  8. For the right player no one is untouchable. The right player in my mind is someone like Fielder, Gonzalez or Halladay. Since I don’t see us getting one of those guys, I agree with Ed on the prospect untouchable list.

    On the big league club my untouchables are:


    Anyone else can go for the right player, and I could even see moving a Reyes or Wright in the right kind of blockbuster deal.

  9. jamesSC (10): It would have to be a monster deal for them to deal Wright. I can see them dealing the others, especially Reyes and Beltran. Santana would be nearly impossible with his salary and coming off surgery.-JD