Davey Johnson goes to work for Nats ….

Davey Johnson is back in the majors, hired as a front office adviser to GM Mike Rizzo. One of his specialties is recognizing and working with young talent. That would be minor league players. That would be a Mets’ weakness.

JOHNSON: Now with Nationals.

JOHNSON: Now with Nationals.

This would be about a lost opportunity. If the Mets are really serious about strengthening the ties with their past, Johnson would have been a good place to start. Johnson had previously worked with the Nationals before under Jim Bowden. You would think the Mets would have kept tabs on his baseball interests just in case.

All this talk about bringing Bobby Valentine back? How about a little love for Johnson, who managed the Mets’ last championship team? Valentine has a core group of media in his corner, but not Johnson.

Johnson has been working with the US WBC and Olympic teams. He spent the summer managing amateur players in the Florida Collegiate Summer League. He’s already watched draft pick Stephen Strasburg pitch.

“When I first laid eyes on him, I really got nervous,” Johnson said. “He threw so good. … He reminded me of a little bit more advanced Dwight Gooden. … I love to see young talent,” Johnson said. “I know what a good prospect looks like.”

Said Rizzo: “He’s a deep thinker, and he’s done every aspect you can do in the game. Just to be around a person of his knowledge and his database, it just helps me out that much better.”

11 thoughts on “Davey Johnson goes to work for Nats ….

  1. I love Davey and I would have certainly taken him over Manual, but there is something a little odd about the fact that a manager with Davey’s record has not found a job in 10 years. I mean he has had 1 season with a losing record (well full season) and has taken bad club after bad club and turned them around but can’t seem to get a job.

    I don’t know, maybe I could say the same thing about BV too, truth is I would much rather have either of them than Jerry.

  2. Perhaps the Wilpons simply don’t want anyone who would make waves… however, if Jerry fails and Wally moves over to the Big Team, the climate will change.

  3. By many accounts, Fred Wilpon is the one who forced Frank Cashen’s hand to fire Davey back in 1991. I doubt that Wilpon like Annie said, would want him in the organization again.

  4. 3. Never mind the organization. They dont even want him in the ballpark. He hasnt been invited back to any of the reunions of the last couple of years. I can see forgetting about ken boswell, but I will bet my last dollar they havent forgotten Davey Johnson.

  5. The Nats made a good move. They have a real traditional baseball man and solid evaluator to work with the new GM. The Mets certainly didn’t have to make Johnson the manager, but a front office guy to keep Minaya on track could only have helped. Delcos, you got this one RIGHT!

  6. Don’t the Yankees have a long policy of bringing back fired managers and give them jobs as “special assistants”. Gene Michael, Yogi Berra, the late Bob Lemon, Dick Williams (sort of Yankee manager)? I’m not sure how much they actually contribute but they can’t have hurt. In contrast there have been former Jets such as Don Maynard and Marty Lyons who have complained about not having any role in the present organization. As usual the Wilpons follow the path of the organization that doesn’t know what they are doing and is more interested in selling PSLs.

  7. I should add Stump Merrill to that list. Not sure what attributes he has, he’s a punching bags, but he has had jobs in the Highlander organization since being pink slipped as manager.

  8. 6,7. They also brought back Billy Martin 5 times to manage. Not too sure if thats the right blueprint either. Outside of that organization the only other one who comes to mind is Lasorda with the dodgers, but thats a PR job really. If people think Backman makes Jerry nervous, how about bringing back the manager of the last Mets team to win it all?

  9. I don’t think it matters one bit who is waiting in the wings. When the axe man comes there’s always going to be somebody whose first name is INTERIM.

  10. This is just wrong.

    Very wrong.

    Why dont they like davey?

    But they put up with that ass bernazard who helped torpedo the team?

  11. (6) PSL’s? Are you confusing the Wilpon’s with Woddy Johnson? Luxury boxes, yes. No PSL’s in Citi so far as I recall.

    Davey has done a good job with Team USA. The Nat’s probably considered that, especially since Davey worked with Strasburg as a result.

    I’m not going to get too upset about the Mets not bringing Davey in.

    After all, we got a great guy in Jauss*

    *that’s sarcasm folks.