10 thoughts on “Poll: How should the Mets handle their pitching void?

  1. As I said yesterday, I would plug in a mid level guy like Wolf or Pinero then wait until the mid season for Salary dumps. Brandon Webb would be my main target. He is a recent cy young and 20 game winner who is still young. He will start the year in Arizona to prove he is healthy. He will be a FA in 2011 and the Dbax will not be able to afford him.
    I am off the Lackey bandwagon. His demands are much too high for a pitcher coming off and 11 win season and an era close to 4. He didnt impress me in the postseason either. Nice curve but not much else.

  2. I am reversing my course on Holliday. He will be expensive, but he would fit perfectly into the number 3 spot. He has enough speed to handle the Citifield dimensions and he proved that his numbers are not just a Coors field mirage. I am a lot more comfortable giving a long term contract to an outfielder than a pitcher.

  3. Ray (2): If you’re going to go long term it really should be a position player. Teams have gone away from that and have given pitchers the years, like the Mets did with Johan Santana. That usually bites them in the butt. Santana, in year two, went on the DL. Wanna bet he doesn’t end their again before his deal is up?-JD

  4. 3.Exactly. I expect the cheeseburger,cheeseburger across town to break down long before his contract ends as well. How do you like a 3-4-5-6 of Holliday, Beltran, Wright and Francouer?

  5. 1,2,4. I go with 3,4,5…. 6 is another dream. He couldn’t take the heat in Atlanta, he won’t be able to yake the heat in NYC. There was no pressure last year when he came because the only ones still following this team were the die hards like us who follow no matter the pain.
    Having said that, I agree with 6 years on a bat vice an arm especially one who was on DL 2 years in a row, and as you doesn’t have the numbers to deserve the big deal. I also agree with Webb…. If Pelfrey could ever learn from a master, Webb is the guy. When healthy he’s as good as it gets. I’m glad your back on the Wolf path. Still have hope for you presiding over the pack!

  6. dave (5): I’m not wishing it, don’t think that. I believe there are only so many pitches in an arm. Santana has already been cut on twice. I can’t like his chances of going five more years without a problem. … Sabathia, I just know, will break down eventually with his weight. He’s young and strong now, but let’s talk in a few years.-JD

  7. The Mets pitchers need gamers..I go for Lackey and if they can swing Pinerio. If not then Wolf. Make Maine/Pelf and Perez work for the last 2 spots. There is no guarantee that Maine will be effective and of course who knows about Air head Perez.

  8. limetfan (8): I don’t think they’ll get Lackey. If Maine, Pelfrey and Perez are competing for the No. 4 and No. 5 spots it would mean the Mets would be that much better. … All three have questions. I don’t even want to guess anymore with Perez.-JD