Men on Base …. Mets news and notes.

* Reportedly, the Mets hired Dave Jauss as bench coach. Jauss has a history with Jerry Manuel, who as a field coordinator for Montreal in the late 1980s, hired him as a minor league manager. Jauss has also been a bench coach for Boston, Los Angeles and New York.

I got to know Jauss when I covered the Yankees. I’d pick his brain whenever I could when the Yankees played the Red Sox. He’s a very smart and personable guy, who I believe will someday get a chance to manager on the major league level.

* I liked the story in the Daily News about Carlos Beltran visiting a VA hospital in Manhattan. A lot of times we hear of the bad guys in sports, but there are far more good guys, and Beltran is one of them. I’ve found most players are willing to, and enjoy, making such appearances like Beltran.

* GM Omar Minaya is not giving up the ghost of Carlos Delgado. He’ll scout him in the Puerto Rican winter league to see how healthy he is and how his hip as recovered. I’m still of the belief not bringing back Delgado is the way to go if the team is in a rebuilding mode.

* Sandy Alomar Jr., left the organization to be bench coach at Cleveland. It is a step up, but it was also an obviously inevitable move. Once dad got the ax, the son was looking out the door.

* Tim Teufel was promoted to manage Double-A Binghamton.

5 thoughts on “Men on Base …. Mets news and notes.

  1. so this guy jauss will help make us better? i assume most of these guys are smart. somehow that doesnt always translate to effective.

    so the dynamic duo is manning our a/aa teams?

    does this mean gary gets the AAA slot to better prepare him to take over by may?

  2. 1. dave can be the greatest baseball genius, and I hope he is, but unfortunately all he can do is suggest. He can’t make the manager listen.

  3. Jauss was manager of the year back in the 90’s i think in the Eastern League. It gives Jerry another one of his guys . I think the Mets losing Alomar Jr was a huge loss for Santos and whoever else catches…

  4. 4. yes he was manager of the year in the Eastern League when he managed the expos team in Harrisburg. That team was loaded with prospects, the Expos having a great farm until some guy named Omar Minaya became the Gm and turned it into a system as bad as the one he has turned the Mets farm into. Managing in the minors is not the same as managing in the bigs. You have to give every guy some playing time and if there’s a # 1 prospect you have to play him no matter what. I’m sure Jauss knows baseball but the award in and of itself is not very relevant. Jauss wouldn’t have won the award if he had the void of talent that was in each of the Met farm teams this year.