Marquis wants to be a Met ….

At 31, he has mileage left. He was an All-Star last season, so we know there is talent. He’s 94-83 during his ten-year career, which is the definition of a middle-tier pitcher the Mets reportedly will pursue this winter.

MARQUIS: Wants to be a Met.

MARQUIS: Wants to be a Met.

And, Jason Marquis, who grew up in Staten Island, told Bart Hubbuch of the Post he wants to play with the Mets.

“There’s definitely interest there,’’ Marquis said. “We’ll see what direction they want to go. … It would always be nice to come back home and represent your hometown.’’

Marquis went as far as to call it an “honor’’ to pitch for the Mets.

But will he?

The Mets have him below John Lackey and Joel Pineiro in their pecking order, but Lackey is a long shot at best.

For what it would take to sign Matt Holliday and probably Lackey, the Mets could sign both Pineiro and Marquis.

Stockpiling arms would be the way to go for the Mets, who have serious questions from two-through-five in their rotation.

The questions:

Will Mike Pelfrey rebound and progress or continue to slide?

Is John Maine healthy enough for a full season?

Will Oliver Perez ever cash his potential check?

None of these will be answered until the season starts, and by that time will the Mets be able to scramble to put together a rotation?

They proved they couldn’t last season.

10 thoughts on “Marquis wants to be a Met ….

  1. So, Jason Marquis, a Pitcher and an All Star wants to ‘come back home and pitch for the Mets’.

    Quick, somebody sign him up…

  2. i signed up for middle tier on your poll.

    this is why they just need to stack arms.

    everyone on the rotation is a ?

  3. (1) Annie: He’s not a catch unless he is willing to maybe sign up for 2 years at most. Now he had a decent year this year, but his track record isn’t great.

  4. 1. Gee Annie haven’t you learned the “I wanna go home” line is agent speak to get the bidding started. Just ask your beloved Texeira. He fed the same lies to Baltimore and Washington. DC even bit and offered him 20 mil per but suddenly when a bigger check awaited in the Bronx he suddenly wanted to be a Yankee since the time he was in his Mother’s womb.
    By the way, go to a game in Baltimore and the fans will tell you their # 1 hate guy now is the lying Texeira.

  5. Steve (3): I have to believe Marquis will want three years. That seems to be the starting point for starters. It used to be the max, but no longer.-JD

  6. Harry (4): The fans in Baltimore threw Monopoly money at him when the Yankees went to Camden Yards. … Teixeira, whose agent is Scott Boras, turned down a $140 million contract offer from the Rangers in 2007. That’s why he was traded to Atlanta and later the Angels.-JD

  7. On the FAN today, the callers were all desperate to have the Mets get Roy Halladay, or else.

  8. Jeff M (7) Yes, every once in a while since Mike married the youngest daughter in a family of eleven children of “Mrs. Met”, I think he gets his ‘instructions’ to give the Mets equal time. In fact, his three young children will probably grow up to be Mets fans, too.

    Anyway yesterday afternoon he had a full court press going on for Roy Halladay. Let’s see how much juice he really has —-Wilpons, it’s your turn now.

  9. I suspect he will have as much juice now as he had with his bring in Manny campaign last year. Thank heaven for small favors.

  10. If Marquis gets 3 years and 27 mil plus than Baseball has really gone back to being insane with salaries again. I don’t agree he will get something like that, I think he will end up like that pool of talent that remained on the board into the spring of next year, as the teams will call his bluff.