Manager of the Year ….

The Manager of the Year for both leagues will be announced in about an hour. I’ve voted for this award several times and the criteria varies as it does this year.

Most often the award goes to a manager who leads an under achieving team into the playoffs or to a dramatic improvement. That’s the case this year with my choice, Jim Tracy of the Rockies. The Rockies entered the season ranked behind the Dodgers and Giants in the NL West, and in some circles behind Arizona.

But, the Rockies got hot in the second half, much like they did in 2007, and rolled into the playoffs. They lost to the Phillies, but that didn’t change the fact they had a surprising season.

Another variable is a lifetime achievement award when there’s no surprise winner. That would go to Mike Scioscia of the Angels, who always has his team playing alert, aggressive and fundamental baseball. OK, except for the ALCS this year, but the voting is done prior to the start of the playoffs.

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  1. I second that.

    He should get the vote for manager most likely to finish in last place while destroying the moral of the team.

  2. Larry Bowa won the award in 2001 and hasn’t been able to get a managerial job in the five years since he was fired. Eric Wedge and Bob Melvin, who won the awards in 2007, got fired this year. I guess they all got stupid all of a sudden.

  3. speaking of managers.

    i just read the article at mlb on our new class a manager.

    it refers to Glavine and other Met favorites calling out our young guys for being comfortable with losing.


    Did you sense any of that after the games or during a losing streak?

  4. hello all…JD in regards to question #5, didnt people feel the same way about phillies teams from 04-06..rollins utley howard..talent but not getting job done..mets players need to get it done on the field and perception will change…heard good reports about beltran being more active in leadership (heard it may have been him that told ollie to go to AZ to get in shape) and that he feels the team needs to commit itself completely..i hate thinking they havent been but maybe some have not..a healthy reyes beltran wright and another power bat AND SOME WINNING will make this team look “committed” and that they have “grit”

  5. 5. dave: how can you take a fraud like Glavine seriosuly. Afterall the guy got bombed in the game that eliminated his team from the playoffs and he didn’t give a crap afterwards. He’s not one to be telling others about their attitude. He’ everything wrong with the free agent process. Guys come to the Mets because they aresn’t wanted where they really rather be and unfortunately it shows every year.

  6. Harry (7)
    Finally something you and I agree on.
    I’m sick and tired of people telling me that there is so much more to Tom Glavine than I can see…Not true, there’s less.

  7. Hi Jim (6) Good to hear from you, hope the business is going well.

    As for team leadership, the Mets seem to lack someone who will really take ‘charge’. Much like Jorge Posada across town (forgive me).

    However there are others who seem to get their message across in their own way – I’m thinking of Carlos Beltran, David Wright, and Johan Santana.

    I also wonder how much conversation/email/ etc. goes on between team-mates during the off-season.

  8. (6) Annie: The Yankees have pitchers that don’t want to pitch to Posada. They have always had pitchers that don’t want to throw to him. Where does Posada show you that he is a “take charge” guy?

  9. (7) Harry: I agree with you about Glavine being a fraud by coming here in the first place when we all know he tried to back out of the contract that he agreed to with the Mets to go back to the Braves. But I don’t believe for a second that he didn’t care about that game against the Marlins..i’m sure from a baseball standpoint it was one of the worst times in his life.

  10. Very glad to hear that Mike Scioscia was named AL Manager of the Year. I really got to see him during the playoffs this year and saw why everyone speaks so well of him. Well deserved award in my opinion.

  11. (12) Annie: The Angels looked like the Mets in the ALCS..dropped pop ups, poor baserunning, taking pitchers out when they shouldn’t have. It was not his shining moments as the manager of the Angels.

  12. 11. I’m sure he cared, but he would have cared a heck of a lot more if he blew the season in Atlanta.
    12/13. If the playoffs decide the manager of the year, Steve the O is correct. The Angels were shockingly bad especially when you consider the reputation they had for sound ball.

  13. Steve (13) The award is based on what happened during the season, not including the post season.

  14. (15) Annie: I’m aware of that. But your commments were pointed to seeing him manage in the playoffs, not how he managed in the regular season.

  15. Annie (8): You turn a nice phrase, but you’re wrong about Glavine. You don’t win 300 plus games if you don’t have substance. … I have a lot of respect for Glavine for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is his willingness to take a stand on the issues of the game. There are others so wrapped up in their image, Derek Jeter for one, who wouldn’t say crap if he had a mouthful that hide when it comes to showing backbone.-JD

  16. Can we give Glavine a break on his reasons for coming to New York? He came here for the same reason all free agents come to a new city, and that’s money. Mussina, Teixeira, Sabathia, Beltran … they are all the same. They came for the bucks. Let’s not vilify Glavine for what all others do.-JD

  17. 17 substance… you mean like the kind of substance (abuse) of 300 game winner Roger Clemens??? Jeter…. not speaking up makes him the smartest ballplayer around. I wish some of the Mets would shut their mouths and play as good as Jewter has in his career.
    18. Can we give Glavine a break. Can we redo that last game of the season with a starter who thought the game was a big deal?

  18. Harry(7)

    I guess I appreciated Glavine a bit more than some do.

    His time here was average. His first year or so was pretty bad.

    In his last 2 years I remember he went on some good runs and he was the leader or at least one of the leaders of the staff. He took the ball and answered the questions when he stunk.

    His control was not always on, but he was professional. I don’t think he ever cheated us, but his heart was obviously elsewhere.