What’s the Holliday market?

Is the market for Matt Holliday shrinking?

With recent reports the Yankees and Angels, thought to be two of the more financially resourceful teams interested in Holliday supposedly turning their attention inwards, the market remains in flux.

HOLLIDAY: What is the market?

HOLLIDAY: What is the market?

The Yankees would like to retain their own free-agents, which would include left fielder Johnny Damon. The Angels, meanwhile, said their interest is re-signing John Lackey and Chone Figgins. Prior to today’s report in the Los Angeles Times, the Angels appeared lukewarm in wanting to bring back Lackey.

If the Yankees and Angels aren’t interested in Holliday, he might come back to the market in much the manner Johan Santana did two winters ago. The Mets, Giants and Cardinals have all been linked to Holliday.

Holliday hit .313, with 24 homers and 109 RBI for Oakland and St. Louis last season. He enjoyed his stay with the Cardinals, but it was only for two months and he was renting. Boras said there would be no home-team discount.

Count out the Red Sox, who want to re-sign Jason Bay, and Dodgers, who are saddled with another year of Manny Ramirez.

However, the winter meetings are still weeks away, so it is premature to say anything is etched in stone. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

Original reports had Holliday seeking a $96-million package over six years. If the market dwindles shouldn’t also the price? Not necessarily with Scott Boras as his agent. Boras got Mark Teixeira $180 million last winter in a supposed down market, but Holliday isn’t that kind of player. Teixeira is a switch-hitting Gold Glover, and last year the Yankees were in a shop mode. This off-season they might be more reserved.

What of the Mets?

After falling out of the money the last three years, with last season a total collapse from June on, the Mets are desperate to bring on a power bat. Holliday isn’t a great defender, but let’s face it, he’ll win more games with his bat than lose with his glove or arm.

Holliday would make the Mets’ offense better, but it would be substantially improved with the healthy return of forms of Carlos Beltran and David Wright. Translation: Holliday wouldn’t put them over the top.

However, the Mets’ primary need is to bolster its rotation which has questions with everybody including Santana, who is coming off surgery. The Mets, who weren’t going to get Lackey anyway, will focus on a middle tier pitcher, such as Joel Pineiro or Jason Marquis.

13 thoughts on “What’s the Holliday market?

  1. Unfortunately, We will not find out where Holliday is going until after the new year. Boras will wait for somebody to panic like he always does. The Mets are one of a handfull of teams willing to spend. That is a position of strength. Omar needs to do what he did with Frankie last year, Wait him out.

  2. As far as pitching goes, I am ok with a mid level starter for now. I would be waiting in the weeds for mid season salary dumps. My eye will be especially on Webb. He is still young but coming off surgery. Forget Lackey and Holliday. I dont give any long contracts to pitchers over 30 years old. I remember the Mets used to have a policy of giving no pitcher a contract of longer than 3 years, but there was more sanity in the game then.

  3. Ray (1): That is usually Boras MO. That’s what he did with Beltran. If the Mets really want him, you’re right, they have to be patient. It will cost, but maybe not as much.-JD

  4. 4. John, I can tell you what is not. Giving a 6 or 7 year contract to a pitcher who is past his prime or approaching the end of it. Actually giving that length of contract to any pitcher is borderline insanity.

  5. The Mets will be patient. They will use the same strategy for Holliday/Lackey that they successfully used on Ollie to get what they want.

  6. 2. Frankie was signed on Dec 9 at the Winter meetings. How is that late? . He wanted Mariano plus money and the market for him was one team, the NYMETS. He signed because the rest of baseball was scared he’d blow his arm out at any second. Even his old team hid away. The market had crashed and only Omar didn’t know it. He could have had Frankie for even less. He also didn’t know he was the only one who wanted OP. So he may get Holliday but he will give him too many years. Every major signing is because he pays for too many years and then spends the last years desperately trying to recover from a bad deal. Pedro too long, Wagner too long, OP too long, Castillo too long, maybe Beltran was different, we’ll see how his legs hold up the next two years. Who will get too many years this Winter?
    As for the Yankees, remember they hid in the bushes and when Boras said he had a secret team he wasn’t lying. so never count them out until the team is signed.

  7. Harry (9): Agreed. He could have gotten Rodriguez for less. I think he might have even gotten Santana for less because the Yankees and Red Sox weren’t in it anymore.-JD

  8. 11. Not sure I agree about Santana. Different situation even though the AL East withdrew. Santana had a year left in Twinkee land and could have nixed a deal and stayed there a year and tested the waters for real a year later. So Omar payed for exclusivity I think. In the FA pool Santana would have probably gone Red Sox to even out the Yankee CC sign. At the least the Mets would have had to offer a lot to win there.

  9. 9

    Ollie the years are fine. the $ arent
    castillo – both years and $
    pedro – the story goes they overpaid to kick start everything.