AL Cy Young today ….

This much we know, a Cleveland Indian won’t be the AL Cy Young Award winner for a third straight season.

CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee won it the last two years, but this season the overwhelming favorite appears to be Kansas City’s Zack Greinke (16-8, 2.16, 242 K).

The other contenders are Seattle’s Felix Hernandez (19-5, 2.49, 217 K), Toronto’s Roy Halladay (17-10, 2.79, 208 K), the Yankees’ Sabathia (19-8, 3.37, 197 K) and Detroit’s Justin Verlander (19-9, 3.45, 269 K).

6 thoughts on “AL Cy Young today ….

  1. Greinke becomes the third Royals pitcher to win the Denton True Young award. Since the previous two were David Cone and Bret Saberhagen, the question is when does he become a Met? Before 2025 and let’s hope he avoids the public embarrassments his predecessors gave the Orange and Blue.

  2. Good for Greinke. If I recall correctly he was faced with a few mental problems the last few years that almost derailed his promising career. Good for him and good for the Royals. Hopefully they’ll be able to keep him around for awhile.

  3. Good for Greinke but I liked Felix better. I continue my totally imperfect recrod in post season awards.