Rookie of the Year candidates ….

The National League and American Rookie of the Year Awards will be named shortly. It hasn’t been a busy day in Mets history as they’ve only had four winners: Tom Seaver (1967), Jon Matlack (1972), Darryl Strawberry (1983) and Doc Gooden (1984).

COGHLAN: NL Rookie favorite.

COGHLAN: NL Rookie favorite.

The award is just a reminder of how dry the Mets farm system has been. Barring injury, the only farm products the Mets know will be in their 2010 starting lineup is David Wright and Jose Reyes (the latter is coming off surgery).

Further rubbing it in, is that two of the three finalists, and the likely winner, will come within the NL East, that being Florida outfielder Chris Coghlan and Atlanta pitcher Tommy Hanson.

Coghlan, the favorite, led major league rookies in batting, on-base percentage, hits and doubles. He was sixth in the NL in hitting at .321. If Coghlan wins, he will be the Marlins third Rookie of the Year in the last six years, joining Dontrelle Willis (2003) and Hanley Ramirez (2006).

Because I favor pitching, I would have chosen Hanson at 11-4, and led major league rookie starters in ERA (2.89), WHIP, batting average against (.225) and strikeouts per nine IP (8.18).

The third finalist is Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutcheon.

The American League finalists are Texas shortstop Elvis Andrus, considered the favorite, Oakland reliever Andrew Bailey and Tigers starter Rick Porcello.

14 thoughts on “Rookie of the Year candidates ….

  1. Maybe in 2010, but in 2011 you’ll see Ike Davis/Fernando Martinez/possibly Reese Havens all crack the lineup by then. And then the system might not look as dreary.

  2. When the Rookie of the Year award started in the late 1940s, very often a young player would start the season with the big league team. You even had 28 players on the roster until the end of April. Nowadays a youngster will come up in mid season and be overlooked in the voting (Reyes came up in June 2003, Wright in July 2004). But projecting what a young player will do is part of the charm of sports (along with Monday Morning quarterbacking of coaches and players). As far as Davis, Reese, Havens, etc making it, we shall see. I used to hear a lot of Shaw Abner. Alex Escobar and Alex “Five Tool” Ochoa.

    In the hysteria about the Jets and Patriots finding creative ways to use, I should point out the most over-publicized athlete in our times, Michelle Wie, finally won her first LPGA tournament.

  3. it would be nice if we could draft well so that we have some young players to be excited about.

    right now davis is the only one. i dont include fernando because he is always hurt.

  4. 8. didnt Murphy lead the Mess in abs last yr? Anyway to be technical, Even if they platoon him he will be a starting player as of now.

  5. 8. Murphy is not a strater? Murphy was Jerry’s every day left fielder to start the season, then he bcame a part time left fielder and then he became the regular first baseman except on days when he was in the doghouse and the great Tatis took ABs away from him. He is as much srtarter as you get.
    Anyway, Hanson should be rookie of the year. He has incredible stuff, and unlike Pelfrey isn’t afraid to use all his stuff already.

    Delcos: From al lthe junk you read about Minaya, it sounds like he has no panic. He’s gonna buy everybody and trade for everybody. So until he does something, Murphy has been and still a regular. and it probably doesn’t matter what numbers he put up. It wouldn’t be good enough for the fan base looking for Pujols.

  6. Harry (11): I believe Murphy will be the Mets’ first baseman next season and have written that several times. However, the issue was starters who are givens, and when Minaya said Delgado is a possibility I have to allow for that. I don’t think it will happen that way, but I’ve been wrong before.-JD

  7. 13. The hostility toward Murphy by Met fans is a joke. Murphy, virtually, a rookie, had more HRS and more RBIs than this guy who was the NL rookie of the year. Plus the guy didn’t have a jerk for a manager playing games with his positions and usage the entire year. Murphy/Parnell epitimize the terrible organization that is the NYMETS.