What would it take to get Halladay?

Roy Halladay in the Mets’ rotation sounds appetizing. With the Blue Jays willing to deal, there are only a handful of teams that fit economically, with the Mets among them, presumably able to come up with a $20-million per season contract.

HALLADAY: Would cost a fortune.

HALLADAY: Would cost a fortune.

So are the Yankees and Red Sox, who figure to be greater factors in trade talks this winter than at last July’s trade deadline because the Blue Jays appear more inclined to be willing to trade him within the AL East. If trading within the division is feasible, the main unanswered questions are whether the Blue Jays want to trade. If Toronto believes it is able to compete for at least a wild card, then the decision could be to hold him for this year knowing he’ll walk next winter.

As the Blue Jays prepare for 2010, dealing Halladay now would send the white flag message to its already shrinking fan base. The fallback would be to wait until the trade deadline and assess things then. That way, if they are struggling, they would get more than compensatory draft choices.

Because the Blue Jays might not be pressed to deal now as many believe, a package would undoubtedly have to be sweeter. So assuming the Mets are able to work out a contract deal with Halladay during their negotiating window – at 32 would want at least five years – there’s still the matter of the prospects.

The Mets do have quality chips, but what they don’t have is the quantity to trade for Halladay, and have enough left over to deal for a hitter.

LACKEY: Health questions?

LACKEY: Health questions?

The Blue Jays want a major league pitcher such as Mike Pelfrey – which creates another hole – a minor league pitching prospect such as Jennry Mejia or Brad Holt, Fernando Martinez, and either Wilmer Flores or Ruben Tejada. Packages tend to change during trade talks, but that’s a starting point according to The Toronto Star.

That’s a lot, more than the Mets, who let’s face it need more overhauling than tweaking, should be willing to give. Conversely, the Phillies have the depth in prospects to one-up the Mets. So do the Red Sox and Yankees. All three would also have the willingness to sign Halladay long term.

John Lackey, meanwhile, would only cost money. But, he has an injury history and shouldn’t it be a red flag the Angels, the team that knows him best, are seemingly willing to let him walk?

8 thoughts on “What would it take to get Halladay?

  1. I would get Halladay. I would give up Pelf, FMart, Jenrry and perhaps Tejada as you suggesst.

    This guy is a bonafide #1. Johan has had surgeries 2 years in a row which is starting to bother me. If we could get one of Niese or Holt to be part of the rotation in a year I think we would be ok. Pelf will never be our #2.

    It is a lot, but I feel FMart will never be what he is hyped to be. Even if he is we are not drafting the pitchers we need and he is here now.

    Bird in the hand and all that.

  2. If we were to pull off this trade and get say Wolfe or some other decent pitcher we should be ok this year.

    Then go out and get Bay or some other LF and we should be good to go.

    Still need a better bench, still need to draft better. but if mgt is serious about spending money, this is the way to do it.

  3. John

    I noticed u are not blogging football today.

    I think you should keep at it. you will get visitors, but it may take time.

  4. My problem with Halliday is that he is 33. Already past his prime and will be looking for 6-7 years extension. You will be paying for what hes done for the blue jays more than what he will give the Mets. Kinda like Pedro and Glavine but only worse. At least they didnt cost any prospects.

  5. I would love to get Halliday, but I don’t think he is worth a 7 year deal that we gave to Santana. Johan was 5 years younger than Halliday is now when he signed that deal and would already have a contract for his 33 year old deal. He is worth a 4/5 year deal for 20 per, but not 6/7. If he wants 6/7 he should get less per year.

    I would be more than willing to give up the prospects, but I am not sure he is worth the prospects and 140 mil. However, if we could manage to make the post season, Santana – Halladay – Wolfe – Perez/Maine? I find it hard to figure out a way to beat that.

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