Poll: Do you want Delgado back?

When Carlos Delgado is healthy and hitting, there are only a handful of first basemen I’d take over him. You know who they are. Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard, Mark Teixeira. There might be a few others.

DELGADO: Should they or shouldn't they?

DELGADO: Should they or shouldn't they?

But, Carlos Beltran’s learned medical diagnosis aside, nobody knows for sure what Delgado can do following hip surgery. At 37, that’s a tough injury to rebound from, which is why GM Omar Minaya will be in Puerto Rico next month to watch him play winter ball.

In 26 games last year, Delgado hit .294 with a .393 on-base percentage, four homers and 23 RBI. Projected over a 162 games, that would be 25 homers and 143 RBI, numbers that would entail a no-brainer when it would come to picking up his option.

Wanna bet he would’ve kept that pace?

Delgado is 37, coming off an injury, and before that had a hot-cold 2008. He is not what the Mets need if their intent is to get younger, more athletic and pare salary.

However, if Minaya signs Delgado, it can only mean one thing, and that is he believes the Mets are good enough to contend. If that’s the case, then he should be brought back.

But, I am of the belief the Mets aren’t good enough and they can finish in third or fourth place and out of the playoffs with or without him.

Where do you think the Mets are and should they bring back Delgado?

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9 thoughts on “Poll: Do you want Delgado back?

  1. Thats what I like about you, Delcos. Youre always so positive. Cutting budget is just the reason to give Delgado a look. He could be had on a performance based contract at this point. As you said, He was doing very well last year until he got hurt. Rather than give crazy money and years to Holliday and Bay Lets see what Carlos has left. Spend the money on pitching instead.

  2. no.

    as u say, when healthy he is very good and an anchor of the lineup.

    he hasnt been healthy in 3 years. Even for a performance laden contract, assuming he would sign one, I would have to think hard on it.


  3. i just looked up lackey.

    his numbers are good, not great. he seems to start mid may. he really doesnt win more than 14 games a year.

    he certainly looks like a big step up from ollie, but that is not too hard.

  4. 2. As far as being competitive. The Mets were in first place before everybody got hurt. they were still competitive without Reyes and Delgado. When Beltran went down that was the end.

  5. Delcos: The Mets goal could be to get younger and bring back Delgado as a way to do it. If the really think Davis is their first baseman of the future and Murphy is unsat for a full year at first then Delgado is a very viable answer. The FA market at first is weak and most guys will try to get as many years as possible thereby hindering this guy’s advancement. Delgado gives Davis a year to be in the minors and a guy like Murphy vcan spell him and you try to make Murphy in a wigginton type guy, a guy who can lay poorly all over the field but get you some hits. However, if he’s another overhyped, over rated guy then Delgado is not the means to an end and they need to look elsewhere.
    5. competitive yes, but with a healthy team they failed in ’07 and in ’08, and now the Phils have a real ace in Lee, if Hamels has a bounceback like Mets fans are praying Plf/Maine/Perez all have, then the Phils have 2 aces and they also have Happ who had one of the finest rookie seasons around so the Mets have a lot of work to do to just catch up to the Phils.

  6. 6. Chiti- Im surprised you agree with me about Delgado- I know you are a big Murphy supporter.
    About the Phils- Lee and Santana cancel each other out. The rest of thier rotation has plenty of question marks like the Mets. They counted on Pedro as thier 2 starter in the WS and it blew up in thier faces in game 6. Mets need to get a quality 2 starter. that should be priority one. The Phils bullpen is a mess and the yankees showed that quality lefthanded pitching can quiet the Phillie bats

  7. 7. I like Murphy but I don’t see him as more than a Wigginton type of guy. Good fill in anywhere, no glove but can help the offense and good punch off the bench. Plus if Davis is a real deal guy, then you don’t want to give a guy like LaRoche two or three years. Delgado takes the heat off promoting Davis too soon and prevents Omar from making another too long deal with somebody.
    I don’t agree about Lee/Santana cancelling each other because the Phils finished first without Lee while Santana was here and now the Phils have added him and JA Happ while the Mets have added nothing. Even the K Rod deal just replaced Wagner and KROD wasn’t as good as Wagner. I think the Phils made a mistake putting Happ in the pen for the playoffs, but the bigger mistake was not using Lee in game 4 like the Yanks did with CC; but I’d take Lee/Happ/Hamels/Blanton/Moyer over Santana and Maine/Pelf/OP any day of the week. The Mets have catching up to do.

  8. 8. I think Happ was more lucky than good last year. As you point out they didnt trust him to start in the WS. He is a soft thrower. We will see if the league figures him out next year. Obviously as it stands now you give the phils the edge in the rotation. Thats why I said its IMPERATIVE that the Mets add a quality 2nd starter If Lackeys price stays too high, the next FA SP on my list is Wolf. He did a great job for the Dodgers last year and he is a lefty.
    As for Wagner, He is great until you really need him. Just ask the Red Sox.