Do you really believe?

You guys know the Mets. You know their history, their tendencies, the promises made that have long since been forgotten.

Almost gone now are Jeff Wilpon’s words after the debacle known as the Summer of 09, the Mets would be an aggressive trading and spending bunch this winter. A little over six weeks later, with the Hot Stove rumors starting to fire, I don’t believe John Lackey or Matt Holliday will be Mets this summer. I see the Mets slipping back into old habits of hoping for their best, in this case, having their wounded back healthy and doing some patchwork here or there.

Patchwork does not come in the form of $90 million or more packages.

I know a lot of you want Lackey and Holliday, or would be willing to settle for only one. That said, how many, knowing what you know about the Mets, actually believe you’ll get one?

10 thoughts on “Do you really believe?

  1. John,

    As you know this years free agent class is not outstanding.

    The rumours are that these players are asking for top rung $ where many would say that they are very good but not great.

    I believe and have stated many times that for various reasons we will not get any of these guys.

    The Yankees probably will want to get a new OF since the ones they have are old. They may also want to get a new pitcher since with the exception of CC they are weak. You can make the case for the roid/hgh enhanced Pettite. But they could definitely use more help here.

    There are others but I include our Bronx neighbors as they repeatedly show a willingness to spend for what they want.


  2. I tell you JD, from what I hear about what those two are asking for contract wise, I don’t think the Mets should or will sign either one of them. In no way shape or form should Holliday be considered a “franchise player,” like Boras says. And he’ll want to get paid like one too. Lackey is injury prone, not striking out batters like he used to, and his era has gone up the last two years. I don’t know, call me crazy, but a 3.83 ERA is not #1 status all star like he would want to be paid like. I won’t be crying if they don’t sign either of them if they still demand top top dollar.

  3. John –
    I’m with Dave here. I don’t believe there will be any major changes in the Mets team for 2010.

    The reason? The Wilpons simply do not believe in spending to win.

    I’m not quite sure what they do with their dollars, however many they have these days, but recent past history – excluding Santana – shows caution with their cash.

    Mets fans will just have to wait and see, but I’m afraid there will be no ‘new’ players to help this team towards a Post Season title in the coming season.

    Dave’s right about another thing, the Bronx neighbors do show a willingness for what they – and their fans – want.

  4. Wow Annie, a little tough on the Wilpons dontcha think? Hard to say that when they still have the highest payroll almost each year in the National League. No, the problem is that they have a cruddy GM who only sees the little picture and doesn’t see the bigger one. The team has needed help in other areas each of the last two years and Omar only filled the most glaring need. The only thing I can blame the Wilpons on is not wanting to spend more on the draft…although if they had a GM who realized the importance of it, he probably could have convinced them..

  5. Besides Santana they have given huge contracts to Beltran and Pedro and taken on Delgados large contract. Not to mention what they gave to Frankie and Perez last year. They spend but not always wisely.
    I agree that The big 3 free agents are looking for more than they are probably going to get in this economy. I feel there will be changes made. Probably Players who no one is even thinking about now will be brought in. There are going to be a lot of non-tenders and firesales this winter. Being patient will yield some good results. A buyers market for sure.

  6. 3 Annie, the Wilpons have signed off on spending large amounts of money to contend, but it hasn’t been invested wisely.
    Steve is right on in saying that the GM doesn’t think of the big picture or longterm success and therefore makes some pretty poor decisions. Omar Minaya has built rosters based on his best wishes and sentimentality — with his heart and not with his head.
    Examples? Moises Alou didn’t find the fountain of youth. Daniel Murphy didn’t become the next Don Mattingly. Luis Castillo didn’t recapture his 2003 form. Oliver Perez didn’t repeat his 2007 season. J.J. Putz was far more hurt than was let on. Ryan Church peaked before the second concussion in ’08.
    Frank Cashen as the Mets GM back in the ’80s developed the model that saw the Mets at their winningest and most competitive, by developing a rich farm system and adding marquee, expensive vets where necessary.
    As a fan, I’d gladly suffer through four seasons of mediocrity (’80-’83) while a contender is being built if it then means seven highly successful seasons afterward (’84-’90) than to constantly be teased, as Omar Minaya’s personnel has done, in ’07 and ’08, before completely tanking last year.
    Why, as an organization, have the Mets so radically departed from the Cashen philsophy that was so successful?

  7. Ollie 12
    krod 10.5
    castillo 6
    castro 2.5
    schneider 4.9
    redding 2.25
    pagan 575k
    sullican 600k
    reed 925k

    so we pay 2million for various part time OF
    7.5 million for part time catchers
    12 million for a long relief pitcher
    6 million for an aging, declining 2b
    2.25 million for a #5 pitcher many did not want.

    yes. we spend money. i think we could have spent all that on cheaper players to get the same performance of a last place team while spending on the draft choices we might have made.

    look at who excites us. davis/niese/holt. all players who were drafted, have some upside, are relatively cheap and who want to play.

    i would rather get short term rental players to fill out the roster and go get talent, even if they dont all pan out.

    it is ultimately cheaper and better.

    we need to draft some OF’s. Beltran will eventually have to be moved from CF. We need players to play all the OF positions and we really have none in the minors. We need more pitchers. This guy jenrry has a live arm and not much else right now, niese just got injured. We have a few others around, but no one projected to be 1/2 in a rotation. we have no 2b to speak of in the minors either.

  8. just read about thole in venezuela.

    the article mentioned that the president of that country wants to go to war and thatthe mother of zambrano was rescued from kidnappers.

    time to bring our future catcher home.