Men on base ….

Welcome to a new feature on the blog. This will be a thread with several items attached. Random thoughts, if you will. There are a lot of things happening, some directly relating to the Mets and some not.

* If you’re a season ticket holder, have you received your 2010 invoices? When is payment due? Is there a price break? I’m under the understanding there won’t be any increase. You tell me what’s going on.

* Bobby Valentine has been passed over for three jobs since returning from Japan. Cleveland, Houston and now Washington. Doesn’t that tell you something? Yet, there are those still on his bandwagon. Sorry, not happening, even if Jerry Manuel gets fired during the season.

* The Phillies are talking about Mark DeRosa to play third base. Would be a nice pick-up for them. They’ve already taken care of some off-season business. Adding DeRosa will make them that much better.

* Word is Atlanta might trade Javier Vazquez and/Derek Lowe. They must be sold on their young pitching to entertain those thoughts. You can’t have enough pitching. And, forget it, they won’t trade a starter inside the division.

* Carlos Beltran says Carlos Delgado is in good shape and said he’d love to have him return. No surprise there.

23 thoughts on “Men on base ….

  1. Carlos would love to have Carlos back! Daniel Murphy must feel like the most unwanted man on the roster. Well, I guess Carlos B learned from his manager or his teammates that anything goes with the NY Mets.
    What business have the Phillies taken care of? All I’ve seen them do is dump Ruiz.
    I’m not surprised the Nats kept Riggelman. Besides winning a few games, he restored fundamentals to the team and order, something Manny Acta could not do. I’m surprised Acta got a job. He had no control over his team, even with thelack of talent, they played even less fundamentalsa than the Mets did under him.

  2. Chiti, No the most unwanted feeling must belong to Looie Castillo. Every day I am reading how the Mets just cant wait to unload him. They dont want to get rid of Murphy, they are looking for a platoon partner for him.

  3. What it tells me about Bobby V is that he is either asking for too much money or he is out of touch with MLB after his stint in Japan. I mean didn’t he admit after his Cleveland interview that he wasn’t really familiar with the AL?
    Harry, good question about the Phills..I don’t know what business they’ve taken care of either. I think you meant Feliz though, not Ruiz. If the Phills manage to sign Figgins and do nothing else this year, they will have improved quite a bit. I’m not saying that I want the Mets to sign him, but he is the perfect guy for the Phils..would leadoff and put Rollins further down the lineup and continue solid D at 3b.
    I wouldn’t touch Vasquez or Lowe unless the Braves paid their entire salaries.
    Ray: Yes, they are looking for a platoon guy for Murph to keep the seat warm for Ike.

  4. Anyone into Mets nostalgia might want to tune in tonight to SNY’s new show, “Mets Yearbook,” which has highlights of past Mets seasons.
    Tonight, the spotlight is on the 1971 season.
    Check your local listings…

  5. (4) Gil: I can’t wait. It will bring me back to my childhood of watching Met games on Channel 9 in NY and watching those films, mainly during rain delays.

  6. Yes Steve, thanks for the correction.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Polanco come back to Philly for 3b. They are also looking at relievers. At least that’s the story in PA.

  7. (6) Harry: Can Polanco play 3rd anymore? He hasn’t played there in about 4 years so i’m not sure he’d be a good fit for them. If the Mets traded Castillo, I wouldn’t mind the Mets signing him for two years to play 2b.

  8. I cant figure why the Phils got rid of Ruiz. The guy plays a gold glove caliber 3b and has pop. Has given them many clutch hits over the years and was only making 5mm. I wish I could get SNY so I could see Art Shamskys sideburns and Cleon, Agee and the boys.

  9. Feliz also hits very little. .694 OPS this year with other years barely reaching the .700 mark. I guess they felt there were better options out there.

  10. 9. They are talking about bringing in Figgins so they can have 3 leadoff hitters in the lineup. Feliz is no star, but a very good complimentary player. 80 ribeyes from the 7 hole is not too shabby.

  11. (10) They’d bring in Figgins to be “thee” leadoff hitter. Rollins is not a prototypical leadoff hitter. Feliz is a good defender and not much more. Figgins is a good defender and a good hitter.

  12. 9/10/11; What i hear from the very evil PA empire is they thought Feliz was losing his fielding abilities, they won’t pay for Figgins because they don’t have much money coming off the books, (Meyers/Feliz) they need to find a closer in waiting because Lidge is unreliable, and they need to get a deal done with Lee. I think they go cheap FA at 3B or go trade route. To Steve, I don’t have a clue about Polanco being able to play third anymore. They traded him because they had Utley for 2B and Bell for third. I’m sure they wish they’d have kept him and not Bell.

  13. Bobby V probably priced himself out of those jobs. I have read that the relationship with the Wilpon’s has improved. I would not count him out as replacing Jerry. Maybe not midseason, but at the end of 2010.

    I could NOT care less if Daniel Murphy’s feelings are hurt about what Beltran said. When Murphy proves he can be 1/2 the player Delgado is, then he can complain. If they could get Delgado back on an incentive laden deal, with a low base, I would be fine with that. If healthy, he will mash. If he is not healthy, well, then, you go with Murphy, and don;t hamstring payroll. There are not a lot of good alternatives to CD out there.

    I’m waiting to hear about my partial plan invoice. I laugh at those who complain they only got a 2% break. They never said all prices were going down 10%, they said all along it was an average of 10%. Avg means some more, some less.

    And someone tell Brandon Tierney and John Harper that to spend $250 million on Lackey and Holliday is asinine. Payroll would be crushed for years with that for non-elite players. And Boras calling Holliday a franchise player is a joke. Pujols is a franchise player. Tex is too. Holliday is a very good player, nothing more.

  14. (13) Ed: Did Tierney change his tune from this morning? He didn’t think Matt Holliday would be a good signing. But he was all for Lackey, who is a big injury risk.

  15. 13. All I can say to you Ed about your Murphy comments is that I hope in your profession you are better team player than Carlos Beltran is. Murhpy was asked to come into the majors and play not one but two positions that he never had training in, murphy was put between himself and Church when the hideous manager who sets the horrible example you seemingle approve of, declared murphy a regualr and /church a platoon player based on nothing, Murphy was asked to bat in almost every spot in the lineup, many of which heis style is unsuited to. If you have a problem with a guy doing all those things without once saying a negative word than you don’t know what a team player is. And by the way Murph ywas ten times the player Delgado or Beltran was last year, too bad they both missed it. And by the way Murphy istoo classy to complain. He’s not trash like so many Mets, led by their manager are.
    And this stupidity about the kind of deal you’d give a guy, who the hell cares other than the Wiulpons. If he’s on your team and he can’t perform, your team will suck regardless of the salary.
    Hope you got your money’s worth withy your plan. By the way who led the Mets in HRs in ’09… oh yes it was that piece of crap MURPHY…..

  16. Watching the 1971 Mets Yearbook, to video of Mets Director of Player Development, Ralph Kiner narrates how “Mets personnel is making sure that no fundamental is left unturned.” They then use the pick off at second base in an instructional league game. Now Ralph is showing prospect Ken Singleton about hitting.

  17. Interesting they mention game winning rbis in this promo film. They really didn’t start keep those until a decade later.

  18. Now Lindsey Nelson is telling us about how “Jim Fregosi was one of the most sought after players in the offseason” and the “Shea power alleys should suit him fine.” Fans in Anaheim carrying a “We love you, Jim Fregosi” sign. I’ll bet no such sign ever appeared in Shea.

  19. Watching that cool ’71 video also revealed something else: the influence of Whitey Herzog, then in the Mets minor league development department.
    In Peter Golenbock’s book, “Amazin’: The Miraculous History of New York’s Most Beloved Baseball Team,” many sources interviewed say that after the ’71 season, Herzog was easily the best and most logical choice to take over for Gil Hodges as manager after Hodges’s death — but that M. Donald Grant preferred Yogi Berra.
    Imagine how much different — and probably much better — the Mets would’ve fared under Herzog, whose farm system was producing high quality players.
    In the book, it is said by other baseball people that after being passed over for the Mets manager job, Herzog carried an epic grudge against the Mets.

  20. 19. pretty fun, Dan.

    20. I got to see the first 2 minutes on Whitey still had brown hair then. I read that book too. It seems the rat was also miffed that the Mets kept trading away all the fine young players He was developing for them. I still dont forgive Yogi for starting Seaver on short rest in game 7.

  21. The White Rat made a few blunders in game 5 of the 1977 ALCS. He left right handed Doug Bird in the 8th inning to face a slumping Reggie Jackson instead of bringing in lefty Steve Mingori (there were two lefties following the Candy Bar man). And he started the 9th with Dennis Leonard who pitched a complete game earlier (who gave up a hit and walk) instead of closer Mark Littell.

    Not to mention when he was farm director the Mets drafted Steve Chilcott instead of Jackson. Which may have been one of those random injury things. But I’d have liked to see Herzog as Mets manager in 1972 or GM in 1970 after Johnny Murphy died.

  22. (15) Harry – Where did I say I approved of Jerry? Nowhere. I do not like him. He screwed up with Murphy and Church, as well as numerous other things.

    I like Murphy, but he is not a starting 1st baseman. He never should have been put in the outfield last year, and he should not be put at 1st this coming season, unless as part of a platoon.

    Beltran simply stated that Delgado, if healthy, gives the team a better chance to win. He did not single out Murphy by name.

    “And by the way Murphy was ten times the player Delgado or Beltran was last year, too bad they both missed it.”

    Murphy hit 12 HR’s in 155 games. with an OPS of 741.
    Beltran hit 10 HR’s in 81 games. with an OPS of 915.

    how again was Murphy 10x the player Beltran was?

    Not to mention the huge disparity in defense between the two of them.

    I thnk Murphy is a good guy, and plays hard. He probably took no offense to what Beltran said. Because it was not personal.