Perez has the right idea ….

Newsday’s Ken Davidoff is one of the sharpest baseball writers around, and he has this story today that Oliver Perez is working hard in Arizona at the Athletes Performance Institute, which is a comprehensive fitness camp.

Call it marine training for athletes, with a focus on nutrition, metabolic testing, cardiovascular work, drills and media training.

PEREZ: Getting his head on straight.

PEREZ: Getting his head on straight.

Perez hasn’t always been in the best physical or mental shape, and the thinking here is if he can master the latter he’ll do the same with the former, and consequently results could be seen on the mound. It’s worth a try, and it is a sign Perez is taking last season’s wash out seriously.

Among the Institute’s alumni are Curt Schilling, Justin Morneau, Carl Crawford, Kevin Youklis and Dustin Pedroia.

Said Red Sox manager Terry Francona during spring training in 2008: “These guys have access to so much. They take advantage of it and when they come in [to camp], it makes the baseball part easier.”

Perez, 3–4 with a 6.82 ERA in 14 starts last season, has always been an uncashed check when it comes to his performance. The potential has always been greater than the production, and the Mets gambled $36 million over three years that might change.

So far it hasn’t, but the first step in correcting the problem is in its acknowledgement.

5 thoughts on “Perez has the right idea ….

  1. This is good to hear.

    Why is it that our players have to be run out of town before they take their job seriously?

    Sanchez, Castillo, Perez..

    Did I miss anyone?

  2. No surprise but no Mets win Gold Gloves for fielding. Two Phillies, Cards, Dodgers win GG. Any correlation there between GG and winning?

  3. Yeah.

    Win gold glove means that at least someone plays d.

    if you cant field the ball you lose. look at this post season.

  4. Fielding is not as important as hitting because the difference between the worst fielders and the best fielders is not nearly as great as the difference in the worst hitters and the best hitters. The way Murphy was playing LF you can’t live with but any a gold glover won’t save a ton of runs above what a competent fielder will do at most postions, probably all positions excecpt SS. Catcher defense is the most overrated in my opinion.

    This thing that Perez is doing is great. I’m eager to see if it makes a difference.

  5. 2. I think not Dan since the guy who replaced prince david with the golden glove at third played for the worst team in baseball.