Why trade Castillo?

I find it amusing some people still believe the Mets would, should or could trade Luis Castillo.

CASTILLO: Two more years.

CASTILLO: Two more years.

After a dreadful 2008 season in which injuries limited him to 87 games and a .245 average, Castillo showed up to spring training 17 pounds lighter, and except a brief stumble down the dugout steps, was healthy for much of a rebound season in which he hit .302 with a .387 on-base percentage.

Q: So why trade him?

A: The Mets are fearful last season might be a fluke, that at 34 he might have had his encore. The Mets are wondering if his knees will give out again and that he’s always on the edge of the DL. There’s also concern about his shrinking defensive range, and the frequency of lapses when he does reach a ball. The Mets also would like to shed themselves of the remaining $12 million left on his contract over the next two seasons.

Sure, the Mets would love to get out from under his contract and not be around for his fall.

The only problem, is that for the same reasons the Mets should deal Castillo are the same reasons no team wants to trade for him.

9 thoughts on “Why trade Castillo?

  1. I agree.

    For all the reasons in your answer. Those are the reasons to trade him.

    For the same reasons we will not. Of course if we can sell some hapless GM on the glass is half full with our starting 2b that would be a good thing..

    That said, I hope that Castillo returns healthy and motivated. There are many things wrong with this team. 2B is not at the top of the list.

  2. Delcos/dave: The biggest reason not to trade Castillo is that there is nobody down on the farm ready to replace him. So you trade him and then become desperate to fill a new hole. Its bad baseball management. So I agree with your last paragraph dave.

  3. I am fine with trading Castillo to shed the contract, but I doubt it will happen and it is not a very high priority. Hopefully last year is a better indication of what we will get the next couple years. If he turns in 2 more years like last that deal won’t look quite so terrible when all is said and done.

  4. Harry

    I was reading something where the Reds for example are cutting payroll.

    It seems that something called the recession is causing the fans to stay away. We can probably find a good 2b someplace. I hear the guy many wanted us to get last year is a FA again.

    But as I said, 2b is not the most pressing need right now.

    Finding bodies to slot in behind Johan, a LF not named Pagan, a catcher who can stop a ball, call a game and hopefully not hit ninth, and a 8th inning guy are more pressing.

    Oh yeah. a better, deeper more versatile bench would help.

  5. 5. Phillips is a very good player. The man so many Met fans refuse to stop loving, Orlando Hudson, lost his love from the Dodger fans real quick. He lost his job to Raphael Belliard who lost his job in Dc to Anderson Hernandez. So yes, they’ll find a second baseman, but the thing that matters, but not to the Castillo must go no matter what guys, is do you upgrade.

  6. I think the problem with Castillo is the contract.

    2 more years at 12 is a lot for this guy.

    Not his fault the esteemed gm of the Mets handed him a contract that overpays him.

    The fact remains that part of the excuse to not improving the team is the high payroll. Part of the high payroll is Castillo who is not worth his contract.

    Not a bad player. Not worth his contract.

  7. Read that the Reds may want to move Brandon Phillips and his $7M contract. Always have liked him. Maybe his contract is do-able. Eat Castillo’s contract if you have to.

  8. I would take Phillips in a minute. Who goes in the trade. I am sure there are a lot of teams who would love to have him too. Ditto on Hudson. Dodgers benching him is too much of a red flag to ignore.