Minaya faces rough road ahead ….

Mets general manager Omar Minaya faces a daunting task in rebuilding the Mets, and let’s face it, tweaking will not get it done.

MINAYA: Looks perplexed.

MINAYA: Looks perplexed.

“Some years are better than others. I think we have to find a way to slug more,” said Minaya in defining the market and one of his team’s needs.

Signing a guy like Matt Holliday or John Lackey won’t get it done. Signing both won’t get it done, either.

For the Mets to become the team they have promised they will be, there’s tweaking in some areas, hoping in a few more, and throwing money at several others in what has been described as a less-than-stellar free-agent market.

The hoping part is where the Mets seem to be playing most of their cards, as they are wishing their injured players – Carlos Beltran, Oliver Perez, Jose Reyes and Johan Santana – are sound; the tweaking is adding right-handed bats to platoon with Daniel Murphy and Omir Santos at first and behind the plate, respectively; and the throwing money will be at their rotation and in left field.

It won’t happen at the GM meetings in Chicago or winter meetings next month in Indianapolis.

A lot of what will be the 2010 Mets will be determined on whether Mike Pelfrey, John Maine and Perez develop as hoped. Can you really say as expected? Afterall, they’ve been expecting for awhile now. Now, it is hope.

Translated, unless the Mets add three quality starters they won’t know how good they are until next season. And, we know that won’t happen.

Let’s face it, the Mets aren’t going to get the big money free-agents. Holliday and Jason Bay will go elsewhere, and the Mets are reduced to trying for a Mike Cameron encore. A nice guy, but been there, done that. And, none of it included winning.

CAMERON: Collision with Beltran frightening.

CAMERON: Collision with Beltran frightening.

Milton Bradley, a clubhouse cancer, has been linked to the Mets. Frightening, is the Mets haven’t said they aren’t interested. Ouch.

There’s Jermaine Dye, who is on a downhill slide. Maybe he has enough for one more decent season, but is that really improving the team? So much for slugging more.

They won’t win with Dye if there pitching remains the same.

Lackey is going to either the Yankees or Rangers, or possibly stay with the Angels. The Angels, it must be noted, haven’t made any proclamations about keeping Lackey. Do they know something about his health that we don’t? Remember, he’s spent a lot of time on the DL the past two years.

While other teams are looking to upgrade, the Mets are seeking a platoon catcher, Bengie Molina or Rod Barajas, to be paired with Santos.

In studying the Mets and their needs, the term middle-tier free-agent, has been tossed around. Read that to be Adam LaRoche, Jason Marquis and Randy Wolf. It would take all three for the Mets to dramatically improve, and even then there’s a left-fielder and re-building the bullpen.

Merry Christmas.

9 thoughts on “Minaya faces rough road ahead ….

  1. This is exactly why the Mets should have used last offseason to tool up.

    Last year I gave them a B only because of KRod and Putz. Well Putz was damaged and K-Rod did not perform as the best closer in the game.

    My grade for the team x- bullpen was a C.

    That is the grade I give our GM for last year.

    He will receive the same this year because as you say. The players that are available won’t be here and we have nothing to trade to get others under contract.

  2. John (2) For me, Jose Reyes is the biggest mystery – does anyone have information about how he is doing post-surgery?

  3. John (4) Thanks for the good news. It’s about time the Mets had some — how about Francoeur’s surgery?

  4. I know I have been all doom and gloom lately, but this team has made bad decisions for years now.

    If everyone comes back healthy and Pelfrey/Maine/Ollie pitch as they did in their best years we can compete. The problem is that is the attitude that has been in place for 3 years now.

    Betting on everything falling your way is not what they pay the GM for.

  5. Dave (6) Mike Francesa said the same thing you are saying this afternoon about Minaya and the Mets. That there is no room for error in this off season for the Mets.

  6. The most important thing to me is getting the organization right. Getting a good amateur draft and international signings. Getting a good medical program in place. I hate to say this but realistically our goal should be 2012. If we sign someone who will be around then, fine. But signing a short term solution to satisfy the talk radio hosts is the wrong way to do things.

  7. We will sign some guy/guys to get the fans excited. Then when everything falls apart late in the season some ready made, plausible excuse will come out.

    Omar needs to go. His orgaization and the people he chooses to help him run it sucks.

    The team needed to find a new captain of the ship.

    After 3 straight disasters what was the conclusion of the masters of the Mets? A horrendous rash of unexplained injuries did in the season. The bench coach and the first base coach were the prime weak links in the organization. The gm and the manager are the right people to run the team.

    Let’s go Mets!