Why not Ankiel?

I was scanning over the list of free-agent outfielders in trying to find alternatives to the pricey Matt Holliday and Jason Bay, left fielders I’m confident won’t see Citi Field this summer in the home whites. With so many other things on their list, I don’t see them paying in the estimated range of $70 million for Bay and $96 million for Holliday, numbers which have already been reported.

ANKIEL: Let's not forget about him.

ANKIEL: Let's not forget about him.

My eyes stopped at Rick Ankiel. This guy, although injured last season after slamming into a wall, can play. He can hit, hit for power and play defense. And, he might have the best outfield arm in the majors.

Best of all, he’s not going to break the bank.

A great center fielder, sure but what about Beltran? Perhaps, with Beltran’s aching knees, this might be the time to switch him to left. Or, Ankiel can play left until it is time. Or, maybe move him to right and Jeff Francoeur to left.

Ankiel represents a different alternative to the Mets. He’s productive, although not big ticket. He’s also not a broken down, expensive veteran hanging on like Gary Sheffield. The guy can play and the Mets have too few of those types of players.

6 thoughts on “Why not Ankiel?

  1. I’m not in love with the idea.
    2008 – 337 OBP 506 SLG
    2009 – 285 OBP 387 SLG

    We need guys who can get on base and hit for extra bases (I’m using that instead of “power” since so many equate that with HR power).

    in 2008 he hit 25 hr’s, but walked only 42 times. that’s not a lot of walks, and he did have 100 k’s.

    as a last resort, maybe. But he seems to be Francouer Redux.

  2. I am not sure how much of an upgrade Ankiel is, especially in our park. I would take a pass.

  3. And don’t forget Delcos, if Ankiel is a bust in LF Jerry can send him to the greatest pitching coach ever, Danny boy Warthen and rejuvenate Ankiel’s pitching career.

  4. john(5)

    dont know him. looked up his stats. as you say we will be scratching around like always.

    this is a troubled franchise which the creme will have second thoughts about.