Loose Threads ….

I don’t know why, but I stopped posting this thread. Bad idea on my part, but in conjunction with the blog makeover, I’m bringing it back.

I realize there are times you might have something to say that doesn’t pertain to a recent post. You’ll come here, look around, and if you don’t see something you like, you’ll move on.

I don’t want you to do that. I want you to think of this as your blog, so I want you to post what you want.

If there’s something on your mind, and it could be the NFL, the Knicks, the Rangers, or in Annie Savoy’s case, horse racing, then go for it.

Re-designing the blog will take some time, especially for somebody as computer savvy as me. Again, if there are ideas of things, or features, or graphic presentations you’d like to see, please speak up.

Thanks, JD.

6 thoughts on “Loose Threads ….

  1. The Breeder’s Cup 14 races were held over a two day period this past Friday and Saturday at Santa Anita racetrack in Arcadia California which is sporting a new poly track. Horses from all over the world competed in these races whose prize money totaled over 50 million dollars.

    Joe Torre was on hand to award the trophy to one of the early winners. He and his brother have owned and raced horses for years as have many other sportsmen.

    A friend of mine, Jeanne Mayberry of Ocala watched Saturday in a crowd of nearly 60,000 spectators as the filly she trained three years ago made history. The 5-year-old Zenyatta, which she broke on her 13-acre Ocala farm, closed a 10-length gap from dead last to win the Breeders’ Cup Classic, the first filly or mare to accomplish the feat in the 26-year history of the Breeders Cup.

    Jeanne said she thinks the win should settle the Horse of the Year debate this year. Many racing fans had favored Rachel Alexandra, who did not race in the Breeders’ Cup. Meanwhile, Zenyatta remains undefeated in 14 races.

    The annual Eclipse Awards Dinner- January 26, 2010 at the Fountainebleau in Miami Beach- should be very interesting this year.

  2. The Fountainebleau is gorgeous. I went there for dinner earlier this year.
    Rooms are just a tad out of my price range though.

    Was PLD at the Breeders Cup? I keed, I keed. Years ago, while in college, a roommate was into the horses. One year I picked a couple of races as a goof, no money wagered. My picks were based on if I had heard of the jockey. I went 4-4. Roomy was stunned.

  3. Meanwhile, the Islanders continue to play well, despite not knowing where they will be playing in a few years.
    Part of me wants them to move to Willets Point.
    But I worry the Wilpons would buy part or all of the team, and then put Omar in charge.

  4. Ed (2,3) I haven’t been to the Eclipse Awards in a few years, but always thought it was interesting that the day/night of the awards was often one of Miami’s coldest. Lovely location, though.

    Many people who own horses are actually sucesses in another sport – i.e. Bill Parcells, Bobby Knight and others – even AJ Foyt and his kids are involved.

    So,you are a hockey fan? Tonight is a big night for a Central Connecticut kid now living in Boston. Yes, I’m speaking of Brian Leetch who will be installed as a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame tonight in Toronto.

    Little known fact about Brian – he was also the pitcher on his high school team that won a state tournament – his catcher? None other than Brad Ausmus.
    Sports are sports are sports ….

  5. I think the Knicks are going to win it all this year.

    They will win 50+ games and win the title series in 6.

  6. The G-Men will have a sudden turn around and play to their potential.

    Mid-season the head coach will start running the defence.

    Wait, it already is mid-season.